How to Make a Boho-Inspired Halloween Wreath That’s Equal Parts Spooky and Chic

published Oct 2, 2020
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Halloween wreath on front door made with feathers and a gold hoop, with a skull accent

This Halloween looks a lot different than past ones. But just because you’re spending the season social distancing doesn’t mean you have to skimp on decor. In fact, now’s the time to play up front door decor—it’s an easy way to create a festive environment where friends and neighbors can spot it safely.

Holiday wreaths can get a bad rap for feeling a little more corny than cool, but this wreath DIY will change your mind. With a minimalist shape, boho-inspired materials, and a centerpiece skull, this themed wreath is downright cool. Even better? It’s a snap to make. Here’s how.

What you’ll need to DIY a feathered skull Halloween wreath:

1. Wrap feather picks

The feather picks will come as a bundle of feathers, but you might want to combine two to make them fuller. If so, combine them using floral tape wrapped tightly around the picks’ bases.

2. Tape to floral hoop

Set one of the feather pick bundles against the floral hoop. Use floral tape to wrap around the base of the pick and the hoop to bind them together. Make sure to wrap the entire length of the pick for extra security.

Once that’s done, place the next pick underneath and repeat the wrapping. Continue until you’ve filled about a third of the hoop. Then, do the same on the opposite side, so that the feathers are facing in opposite directions. The sides should not be evenly space; one will be more full than the other. Make sure to leave about two to three inches between the two sides to serve as the wreath’s centerpiece.

3. Loop on ribbon

Loop a few lengths of ribbon around the hoop in between the feathered sides. Don’t worry about making these even—it adds to the boho charm if it’s not quite perfect.

4. String on the skull

Use floral wire to attach the small skull over the ribbon, so it’s at the center of the wreath.

Use a Command hook or a nail to hang the wreath on your front door, and delight in having the spookiest and chicest wreath on the block. Hot tip: You can remove the skull and add in a bow to make this wreath November-friendly.

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