10 Ridiculously Cool and Fresh DIY Ways to Hang Plants Indoors

updated Oct 13, 2021
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Credit: Kristan Lieb

Whether you’re a seasoned plant lover with an overflowing collection or a plant newbie just looking for a fun new way to decorate, the solution is the same: hanging planters. “I think people look at plants and think, oh, it has to be in a pot on the ground, but there are so many different ways to use them in your home,” says Mandi Gubler, designer and “fearless DIYer” from Vintage Revivals and plant expert from Happy Happy Houseplant. Gubler combines her two loves—DIY and plants—to bring some fab new ideas to perfect the plant-hanging game

Gubler skips the usual haunts when it comes to inspiration for her next project: “I try to stay off Pinterest because it makes me feel like all the good ideas are already done,” she says. Instead, Gubler tries to reimagine simple materials—like raw natural wood, metal embroidery hoops, industrial elements like leather, and even leftover Christmas decorations (we’ll get to that one later). “Especially with live hanging plants, you need your project to be functional, but you also want it to be so beautiful,” Gubler says. Read on for ten of our favorite Mandi-approved ideas.

Credit: Hannah

1. Artistry Macrame Holder

If you’re looking to pick up a new hobby, consider macrame,  tying  yarn, cotton twine, or hemp into decorative knots. Although this technique dates to third century China, you may have come across plenty of macrame in your  family’s home in the 70s.

2. Simple Nature Tools

A branch as a plant hanger! Who would have thought? This minimal DIY plant hanger can be put together in less than an hour, and all materials you need can be sourced  in pretty much any wooded area. This couple found this branch in their backyard, and from there allowed their creativity to take over. They installed hooks in the ceiling, and used rope to tie the branch, transforming a simple branch into a statement plant hanger in their home.

3. Rattan/Cane Plant Hanger

This plant hanger from Macrame Wonderland is the serious statement piece for any room. If you’d like something a little less dramatic, no worries This hanger is available in different sizes.

Credit: Sarah

4. Geometric Plant Hanger

If you want to get away from the boho aesthetic, take a look at this stained glass propagation station created by Sarah. She likes to call them jewelry for your wall.

5. Belt-Look-Alike Plant Hanger

How freakin’ cool is this? Created by Hung Studios in London, a luxury accessories brand that crafts these pot hangers from vegan leather, it’s available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Credit: Mandi Gubler

6. Minimalist Hanging Hoop Planter

This hoop planter is such a fun balance: half-art, half planter. “This one is so inexpensive and easy to do,” says Gubler. “You can spray paint it, you can make it any color. And if you grouped them together in different sizes, it’s so visually impactful.” See how you can make your own hanging hoop planter here.

Credit: Mandi Gubler

7. Boho Beaded Hanging Planter

What a good way to use your Christmas decorations year-round! Gubler fell in love with the wooden garland beads from the Magnolia holiday collection at Target and used some embroidery hoops to repurpose those decorations as plant hangers. “You don’t have to have any tools for this one. If you can count beads on a string, you can make this planter,” she says.

Credit: Mandi Gubler

8. Trellis Shelf

Not sure what to do with a blank wall in your home? Gubler suggests thinking beyond art. “It’s so easy to fill a wall with art, but there’s just a completely different energy when you fill the space with plants,” she says.

For this trellis shelf, she cut the boards to fill the wall, painted some inexpensive plastic planters, added the leather straps, and… wow. You can get the scoop on the full DIY process for this stunning project here.

Credit: Mandi Gubler

9. Propagation Tube Wall

This is the wall that made me fall in love with Mandi’s design style. It’s so breathtaking in person,  it might make you want to start propagating plants even if you’ve never had an interest in doing so before.

Hearing Gubler talk about these tubes brought out her passion for plants and made me excited to take more risks in my own plant collection, because the payoff is so rewarding. “Watching a plant root and actually being able to see the root-that is so beautiful and 100% should be on display,” says Gubler.

She says that while you could transfer the propagated plants to a soil-based pot when they’re ready, she prefers to leave them in the tubes and says they will continue to grow there—just not as large or as quickly as if they were in soil. You can shop the propagation tube wall here or see how you can DIY it.

Credit: Mandi Gubler

10. Mounted Staghorn Ferns

Maybe the most “out there” of the plant hanging options, this unique way to display staghorn ferns will surely be a conversation starter for any guest in your home. “These are the coolest plants and they love being mounted on the wall as long as you keep them watered.” says Gubler. She walks you through the DIY process here.

Love these ideas but feeling a little intimidated about DIY-ing your plant hangers? Gubler says just go for it—it’s worth the risk. “It feels scary because it’s not something you can hang with Command strips,” she says. “You’re going to be putting a hook in your wall or ceiling and I think that can be intimidating for people.” (Although, putting a hole in the wall can be pretty simple and fun, if you know what you’re doing.)

So take a tip from Gubler, and instead of automatically opting for a large print for your blank wall in your sunny living room, open your mind to the possibility of a plant trellis shelf or a propagation tube wall—your plants are living art.