Get Lit: Check Out These Amazingly Simple and Whimsical DIY Menorahs

published Dec 12, 2017
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I can still remember the Kindergarten tradition of making homemade menorahs at my Jewish day school like it was yesterday. Take a sawed-off 2×4, glue 10 small square tiles atop it, in a line (two at the center for the tallest candle), then place 9 screw nuts in a row, one on top of each tile. I’m pretty sure my parents even still have mine — somewhere.

With Hanukkah mere hours away now, you may find yourself in need of a last minute menorah. If you’re in a pinch and the hardware store variety isn’t up your alley, consider these other clever homemade varieties that will have you lit and devouring latkes before you can hit “play” on Adam Sandler’s Chanukah Song.

Renowned event designer and author of The Art of the Party, David Stark, is known for his whimsical and elaborate style. Now he’s offering his take on homespun menorahs, cleverly crafting them from odds and ends you’d find around the house.

“Last year, on night one of Hanukkah, I was uncharacteristically inspired to light the candles, when it suddenly occurred to me that I didn’t even own a menorah. Looking around the kitchen for a quickie solution, I grabbed a potato and a paring knife, and shazam: the ready-made menorah was born,” Stark told Cool Hunting in a recent interview.

Stark didn’t stop there. He utilized everything from food items to dollhouse furniture in an effort to make the holiday bright. There’s of course the one that started it all, made of potatoes; a few other favorites include a menorah made of mini donuts which, since oily and fried foods like donuts are traditional fare on Hanukkah, seems particularly on point; a menorah made of bread rolls; and one made of a shoe shine brush.

Looking for other homemade holiday decor? Try your hand at DIY-ing David Stark’s holiday luminaries. Plus, Kitchn has their own edible menorah, made from mini bagels.