This DIY Wall Mural Uses 10,000 Paint Swatches

published Jun 14, 2021
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Credit: Erik Isakson/Getty Images

If you’ve ever painted a room in your house, you’re likely well acquainted with the feeling of staring down a wall of paint colors at your local paint store or big box home improvement chain, hoping that inspiration will strike before you feel overwhelmed by the dizzying array of color choices in front of you. One TikTok user opted to go for every color, using paint chips to create a vibrant color wall in her house.

Skylar Capri shared a video on the viral app showing the journey of her pals taking home boxes of Home Depot paint strips (with the game approval of an employee) to secure them to a wall in her home in rainbow order using painter’s tape. The musician, of course, was grateful to the Home Depot employee for letting her group take home so many samples, noting in a comment that she did offer to pay for them but the employee let her take them without charge. The end result is a unique — if not labor-intensive — spin on a statement wall.


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♬ Never Forget You – Noisettes

The video quickly racked up nearly 3 million likes and 7,600 comments, with plenty of fellow TikTok users eager to know the secrets behind Capri’s method. She posted a follow-up video detailing her process, sharing that after you pick out your desired colors, you mark the wall in sections using the painter’s tape to make sure you’re working with straight lines. Then, you organize them by color and secure them in a row, strip facedown, on tape.

You then tape each row to the wall in sections from the floor to the ceiling, covering the tape with each new row of paint chips like shingles as you go. The final step? Celebrate, of course!

It doesn’t appear that Capri’s art wall was meant to be permanent, but the musician did use it as a backdrop for her debut music video, released last fall. Seems like with a little bit of creativity, a hefty dose of patience, lots of painter’s tape, perhaps some help from your nearest and dearest, and the grace of a store employee and you, too, could have your own mural-style paint chip wall at home.