Why This $17 Croissant-Shaped Night Light Is the Best Thing I’ve Ever Bought

published Jul 26, 2023
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product image of DNIEBW croissant night light
Credit: DNIEBW

I rent a cozy (read: tiny) apartment in Manhattan’s Chinatown neighborhood, so everything that comes into my space (decorative or not) must meet a set of criteria: It needs to be practical or sentimental (bonus points if it’s both!). I have limited space, so it won’t make the cut if an object doesn’t have a dual purpose (like this cold brew coffee and tea maker) or a meaningful story. 

So when I was searching for the best gift for my boyfriend’s birthday, you can imagine my delight as I stumbled upon the DNIEBW LED Night Light from Amazon. For starters, it met my rigorous requirements. Christian’s a croissant fiend, so I knew he’d be drooling over it (maybe, literally), but it’s also a two-in-one piece. Not only is it a conversation starter because of its unique shape, but it also glows a gorgeous, moody light. And the best part? It’s under $18. 

What Is the DNIEBW LED Night Light? 

I love filling my home with pieces that make guests do a double take, and the croissant-shaped night light is no exception. We use it as a table lamp in my house, and the moody LED light looks chic stacked on coffee table books or provides enough illumination when having an evening movie marathon. 

Because the light is shaped like a baked good, I wasn’t surprised when my dog confused the imposter croissant for the real thing (the details make it so believable!) and was seriously sniffing it. But luckily for me, I was able to swoop it out of my dog’s paws in time, and its durable plastic material makes it feel sturdy enough to withstand drops or nosey pups. 

Credit: Cullen Ormond

Why I Love the DNIEBW LED Night Light

At first, it was meant as a birthday gift for my boyfriend — but after seeing how it warms my space at nighttime, I think I might’ve subconsciously purchased it for myself, too. The product description says it’s meant for nurseries or bedrooms, but how I’ve seamlessly styled it in my living room proves it fits in most spaces.

We keep ours on the television console and love how it lightly illuminates the room without being too distracting. Another bonus is that it’s battery-operated, and being LED, it lasts longer. I purchased ours in May 2022 and haven’t had to change the batteries once. 

The croissant-shaped night light is just $17, making it an inexpensive, memorable gift (for yourself or others) that’ll likely stir up some interesting conversations. 

Buy: DNIEBW LED Night Light, $16.99