Do You (Can You?) Sleep In A Twin Bed?

published May 16, 2015
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While we were discussing mattresses the other day, my partner offhandedly remarked (not about us, just in general), “Since when are adults incapable of sleeping in twin beds?” My ineloquent response included the words “starfish,” “too short” and “fall out!”, but the question got me thinking…

I consider myself insanely lucky to have a clean, dry, safe, full-size mattress to sleep on, and know there are countless people out there who would love to have “only” a twin bed. If you’re fortunate enough to be able to afford something larger, though, for yourself and/or your guests, would you ever decide in favor of a twin?

If your answer is yes, is it because of space concerns? Affordability? Or do you genuinely prefer the feel of a smaller bed? If not, why not? Is the length the problem? My 71″ self should fit nicely on a 75″ twin mattress, but it never seems to. Is it the lack of space to spread out and reposition as needed throughout the night? Is it the feeling that at any moment at least half of your body is suspended mid-air? Or is it what Lorelai was trying to get Luke to understand in the “Lost and Found” episode of Gilmore Girls?

LORELAI: And to make matters worse, she spots it: the single bed.
LUKE: What’s wrong with a single bed?
LORELAI: You know what they say.
LUKE: No, what do they say?
LORELAI: Never, ever date a guy who owns a single bed. It means he’s not open to a commitment.
LUKE: What?
LORELAI: It says there’s no room in this life for anybody but me.
LUKE: No, it says there’s no room in this bed for anyone but me.
LORELAI: Okay, see, that’s not a whole lot better.
LUKE: This discussion is now over.

Tell me all your twin/single bed thoughts?