A Builder Made Her Dog a Selfie Booth With LEGO Pieces

updated Oct 17, 2020
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A selfie star is born: Simone Giertz, a builder and self-described robotics enthusiast, built a selfie booth for her dog made out of LEGO pieces. In sponsorship with the LEGO Group, Giertz used over a thousand LEGO pieces to construct a whimsical photo booth box for Scraps, her charming little three-legged pup, that could be triggered via paw to pedal contact. Along with sharing the final selfie results on Instagram, Giertz documented the construction process in a YouTube video on her account. 

Per the video, the builder used a treat dispenser and LEGO Mindstorms, an inventor kit with robotics components, to construct the actual camera part of the booth. She chronicled some of the minor road bumps that occurred throughout the process, eventually finding a sound solution. “So the way that I had the project was I had this remote dog feeder, and that was triggered by this button, and then the camera was triggered by this LEGO Mindstorms distance sensor,” Giertz explained in the video.

“Sometimes it would trigger the treat dispenser, sometimes it would trigger the camera, but it was really [unreliable] at doing it at the same time, so I decided to pull the treat dispenser apart and make it Mindstorms operated,” she continued. “Does this make any sense to anyone but me?” Not really, no, but the essence of it is this: once Scraps pushes her paw down on the makeshift pedal, the treat dispenser begins to run and triggers the camera and voila! A selfie.

Giertz completed the project with a squared box constructed with good ol’ regular yellow and blue LEGO pieces. She even added a whimsical “DOG PHOTOS” sign, a cost of admissions plaque (one paw), and a red curtain to give it the ultimate photo booth finish. The results? A three-legged selfie star named Scraps.