Before and After: One of Dr. Oz’s Dressing Rooms Gets Glam on a Budget

published Nov 20, 2018
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(Image credit: Chelsey Brown)

One of the Dr. Oz Show’s backstage dressing rooms was neglected and nearly empty, but it needed to become camera-ready in a very short amount of time, for a fairly small amount of money. All it took was a style guide, Amazon two-day shipping, and some major glam, and this room is ready for its closeup.

The space before is not very inspiring, but it turns out the room was even worse in person:

Bland, boring, and plain UGLY! The only dimension in the space was a cheap-looking desk and chair that looked straight-up from the ’90s. The room was originally used as an extra office until I was asked to transform it into a dressing room/interview room.

Chelsey Brown of City Chic Decor was in charge of this makeover, and created this mood board for the project:

(Image credit: Chelsey Brown)

The entire transformation took one day and came in under $1,200. The first step to the transformation was creating a style guide. Although the season 10 theme was changed to gold, the main “Dr. Oz Show” color remained green. It was essential to represent the two in this design, as this room is used for interviews also.

When creating the style guide, I knew I wanted a glam-feel in the space which meant an incorporation of brass and metallic golds. I also wanted to bring in modern elements and traditional accents. The struggle with the space was how small it was. I needed to incorporate all those elements while making it feel not too cluttered.

The most important part of the design? I wanted to make sure the items I chose were budget- and time-friendly. I made sure to stick with Amazon and Wayfair for the entire transformation. All the furniture I ordered arrived within three business days.

(Image credit: Chelsey Brown)

Chelsey wasn’t kidding about the glam. While all the metallic and faux fur elements are certainly luxurious, it’s that showstopper of a sofa that’s the real star. It has such a fabulous presence, but doesn’t overwhelm the small space or the other decor. And when the “season 10 gold” has given way to another theme color, the green will still look amazing.

The room as a whole is quite inviting, in the practical as well as the aesthetic sense: There are a couple seating options, there are places to put your drink or other items, there are reading materials and a reading light, and all of the materials are temptingly touchable.

I love how the combination of velvet, gold, lucite, and faux fur created the exact look the space needed. The military-green, velvet sofa brought in the show color while incorporating a glam charm with the texture. The tufting and pillows also incorporated a traditional look to the space.

The faux fur chair with metallic gold legs created the perfect modern/glam mix. The legs also displayed the season 10 theme of gold. I made sure the chair was white to keep the room bright, as the space is very limited, and white will always create the illusion of more space.

The acrylic coffee table was the perfect accent to keep the room from looking cluttered, as this material is small-space friendly. Acrylic will always give the illusion that a space is larger than it actually is!

To incorporate more season 10 touches, I added a row of brass frames. I kept them lower so they would fill a camera frame for any interviews were to be filmed in that room. In addition, I incorporated a marble/brass side table for a homey, traditional feel.

Chelsey really achieved a nice balance here: The room is indeed homey and comfortable, but it also has a professional sheen befitting its purposes.

If you’re feeling thwarted by a small space that needs some help, don’t give up—Chelsey has some encouragement for you:

You can transform your room, no matter how small the space is! All you need is a little bit of creativity and an even smaller budget.

Thank you, Chelsey Brown of City Chic Decor!