Peek Inside Drew Barrymore’s “Anti-White” Kitchen Renovation

published Aug 30, 2023
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Publicity photo of Drew Barrymore seated in a green room
Credit: Jennifer Livingston for DREW

Drew Barrymore is stepping into the kitchen, and she’s making sure there’s plenty of color. In the jam-packed fall issue of DREW Magazine, the chat show host, actress, producer, and home decor enthusiast is showing it all off, including her viral kitchen that had social media overjoyed. (You know, the one that had her in joyful tears when she discovered a window hidden behind drywall. “I knew there was a window in there!” she proclaimed.) Keep reading to check out how Barrymore transformed her space into a colorful, culinary castle that’s (of course) filled with charm.

“My take on the anti-white, modern kitchen is out in the world!” Barrymore shared in the fall issue. In an attempt to “flex unfamiliar design techniques,” Barrymore turned her existing kitchen into a construction site. But not quite everyone could understand her vision at the start. “My daughter Olive thought I had lost my mind, and I couldn’t justify why I was taking pictures in the subway to create the ceiling,” said Barrymore. “I was nail-biting ‘til the end. Had I gone too far? Was I even smart enough to pull this off?”

Credit: Winnie Au

To create the design of her dreams, Barrymore attempted to describe the vision in her mind to cabinetmaker Freddy Segovia. She headed to Italy to gather decor, and added in other stuff she already had on hand, like vintage-style chairs she had in storage. Add in the flower-shaped table that was featured in her book Rebel Homemaker. (“I bought it off the shoot”) Add a desk from Target, and walls that previously “lived underneath the brick and drywall,” and Barrymore was in business. Paintbrushes purchased in Capri were treated like art and hung on the walls, and pots and pans are from Barrymore’s own line. “I wanted cohesion and simplicity,” said Barrymore, who hung Noguchi-inspired paper lanterns from the ceiling. 

Credit: Winnie Au

One of the most unique features of the space is the yellow, blue and white floral wallpaper Barrymore discovered when they started demoing the wall. She decided to preserve the paint above a painting she’s had for years.  “I had to leave it. It was a moment in someone else’s life many years ago. I had to honor it,” she shared. “It is also so darn cheerful.” Another heartwarming touch is the 3 tiles purchased in a tile shop in Positano, Italy. Each one is painted with colored sardines, and represents Barrymore’s daughters and their close relationship. “My daughters and I are The Three Sardines. This is my nod to our family.”

By the way, it’s not just Barrymore who’s sharing her home decor and renovation secrets in the new issue. Contributors like Nate Berkus, Marie Kondo, Jeremiah Brent, Justine Blakeney, Mikel Welch, Leanne Ford and more appear in the pages.

DREW Magazine’s “The Design Issue” is available for sale online and in-stores now.