These Cool and Crisp Sheets Opened My Eyes to What a Perfect Bed Should Be

published Oct 4, 2021
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Our beds are more than where we sleep. It’s where we unwind and are our most vulnerable selves, so comfort is of the utmost importance. Picking out bedding can be a painstaking chore or it can be something to look forward to — because once it’s done, you arrive on the other side of shopping with all the items you’ll need for ultimate relaxation.

I used to not care so much about what my sheets felt like as long as they were soft and fit my mattress; but as a hot sleeper, I’ve tried to make an effort to slow down and select bedding that actually suits me (even if it doesn’t seem like it on the surface). When I got to try the Drumi Sheet Set, I wasn’t totally convinced it’d match my needs, but keeping an open mind can churn out some big-time rewards.

You know when you take your first bite of a specific food and know immediately that you won’t remember what life was like before it? That’s what it felt like to get in bed with Drumi’s percale sheets for the first time. While making up my bed, I admired their color and texture as well as the shell detail on the top left corner of the flat sheet. However, it paled in comparison to actually sleeping in them. As soon as I got settled in bed, I couldn’t help but to wrap the sheets around me because they felt AMAZING! They’re made from organic cotton and are very smooth and soft. They weren’t as cool to the touch as other percale sheets in my linen closet, but I could tell how breathable they were simply from the fact that I didn’t break into a sweat in my sleep.

If you love soft bedding and don’t typically consider crisp sheets, know that you’re not alone. It’s not the first thing that comes to mind for me, either. But once I was nestled into these 400-thread-count sheets, it opened my eyes to what my perfect bed could be! Curating a combination of bedding that’s right for you is a skill not to be overlooked. I’ve never slept more comfortably in my own bed. In the Drumi Sheet Set, I got that restful, uninterrupted sleep that only seems to come when I’m in a hotel. After recreating that vacation feeling at home, I can see why some people never want to leave their beds. I’m sold! Even better, the Drumi sheets get softer with each wash.

In the set, there’s a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillowcases — all of which are just as bright and beautiful as they were when they arrived in their fabric bag. The sheets are only available in white, which at first was worrisome for a color freak like me. I’m usually looking for the brightest color in the bunch to buy. The phrase “Don’t knock it ‘til you try it!” exists for a reason, right? It might be cliché to say this, but the color of the sheet set added to their luxurious feel. I thought I’d be stressed out about spilling something on them or getting them dirty too easily, but I was surprised to find that the thought didn’t cross my mind. (I even miss them when I swap the sheets out on laundry day.) If you were waiting for a sign to splurge a little on your bedding, this is it!

Buy: Drumi Sheet Set (Queen), $195