Your Next Fun, Oversized Piece of Statement Art Just Might Be Hiding in Your Linen Closet

updated Apr 19, 2021
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Best known as a DIY pro and content creator, Amara also sells meaningful art prints “as an ode to human emotions” in her online shop, The FAFF Store. As you might expect, her home itself is a treasure trove of colorful accents and clever home hacks, many of which, unsurprisingly, revolve around art. The project she’s proudest of though? The impressive “faux” framed wall mural she made from — wait for it — a duvet cover! This renter-friendly piece creates a dramatic focal point in her teen’s bedroom, taking the place of a headboard without ever damaging the walls. While the setup looks expensive and even a bit complicated, the process is simpler than you might think.

To create a removable (and rental-friendly) base for the “mural,” Amara applied a layer of clear self-adhesive book cover film to the whole wall. Once the vinyl was in place, she was ready to mount the black-and-white floral duvet she found at H&M Home to the wall. First, she cut the duvet’s seams so it would lie flat and then adhered it to the wall with wallpaper paste, smoothing out any air bubbles. As a finishing touch, she used watercolors to bring the duvet to life, painting over it to make it look like a vibrant, bespoke design. Finally, she painted the rest of the walls navy (also over the film) then added thin pieces of molding, also painted the same navy, to frame out the “mural.”

If you want to recreate this look but aren’t as crafty, you can hang your duvet as-is, like a tapestry, without painting or framing it at all. If this project has taught me anything though, it’s that even everyday items can be transformed into art. You can spend less than $50 and get a unique, oversized piece that’s perfect for filling a big blank spot behind a bed or sofa.