This 350-Square-Foot Studio’s Decor Started with an Internet-Famous Couch

published Jun 11, 2024

This 350-Square-Foot Studio’s Decor Started with an Internet-Famous Couch

published Jun 11, 2024
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After Fernanda Clark‘s husband passed away, she decided to move to New York City from Los Angeles for a fresh start. That was no small feat after being in LA for 14 years, where she lived in a two-bedroom, two-bathroom home.

“I love a challenge, and of course moving cross-country is not cheap. Especially living in expensive cities like LA and NY,” admits Fernanda, an event producer and a fashion stylist who’s been in the entertainment industry for over 10 years.

Her rent budget was $2,000, and she explained that her only real requirement was that she wanted to live alone. “I didn’t want to go from a marriage to going back to living with roommates,” she explains. “So I thought that was a pretty reasonable budget for a studio. Of course in LA I had a car and car expenses. I had to downsize my living space, but the fact that you don’t really need a car in NY makes it much easier to budget without having all the car expenses I had in LA.” 

She found all her requirements in this 350-square-foot studio apartment in East Flatbush that she shares with her three cats, Ruby Tuesday, Bowie, and Ozzy. The space is a bit unique, in that there are stairs that “go nowhere,” but Fernanda wasn’t deterred — she knew her cats would enjoy using the stairs for play. There’s also a backyard, which Fernanda loves.

But perhaps the MOST unique thing about her home has to do with one of the furniture pieces. “Something extremely unique happened when I started this new chapter, as I ended up being the owner of the gorgeous and famous vintage orange couch used in the Calvin Klein ad that went viral with Jeremy Allen White,” she writes.

“I was given the couch by Drew Barrymore and Facebook Marketplace on the Drew Barrymore Show. They said my story really touched them [they apparently received over 45k messages for the couch when they posted it on Facebook Marketplace for free], as I moved here with only a suitcase, no furniture.”

For the rest of the apartment, Fernanda decided to go minimal, as she was downsizing (she actually donated most of her things and consolidated the rest of her life into 14 boxes that are in storage in LA).

“I wanted my place to be very colorful and happy, bringing me a lot of peace! It’s really funny because I am a huge rock-and-roll-lover, and mostly wear a lot of black and white combos (just like Wednesday Addams haha). Once in a while I wear colors, but my place is always extremely colorful and boho.” 

I rented this place while I was in Brazil spending time with my family. I still have a storage unit in LA, and about 10 guitars that belonged to my beloved husband, William Clark aka Will Fourth. Very talented musician and guitar player.”





  • Unique Poster — The Kills Show in NY Hand-Painted by Artist and Singer Alison Mosshart 
  • Original Photo Print of Albert Hammond Jr., Lead Guitarist for The Strokes — Cody Smith
  • Bed — IKEA
  • Green Pillow — IKEA 
  • Duvet Cover and Matching Pillow Cases — Urban Outfitters 
  • Nightside Table — Urban Outfitters (Not Available)
  • Vintage Dresser — Crafted in Woodshed Bozeman, Montana in 1997, Facebook Marketplace
  • Pink Reading Lamp — Amazon 


Thanks, Fernanda!

This tour’s responses and photos were edited for length/size and clarity.