10-Minute Mini Herb Garden in an IKEA Container

10-Minute Mini Herb Garden in an IKEA Container

Amelia Lawrence
Aug 11, 2017
(Image credit: Amelia Lawrence)

When you live within city limits, it's rare to have access to private green space. In a perfect (and sustainable) world, we would all have our own backyards, overflowing with lush shrubbery, robust herbs, and fruit-bearing trees right next to our cute little chicken coops. In reality, we're forced to get a little more creative – vertical gardens, hanging planters, and fruit purchased from the local market. Sure, it's not ideal, but we sacrifice all that to have the accessibility and opportunity that larger cities provide. But what I don't want to sacrifice is having fresh herbs.

Prior to creating an indoor herb garden, I was buying small batches of herbs weekly, but unable to use them all before they went bad. Waste of money, waste of a grocery trip. Well I say, "Waste no more!" With this quick IKEA hack, you can have fresh herbs within arm's reach, and the most wonderful natural aroma to greet you every time you come home.

Grab your PALLRA Mini Chest and let's get started!

(Image credit: IKEA)

What You'll Need

Acrylic paint of your choice (you might need to prime it with white paint)
Paint Brushes
Sandwich-sized plastic bags
3-5 small herb plants


Step 1. Remove the drawers from the chest. Paint the sides of the chest, and the sides of each drawer. Add a second coat if needed.

Step 2. Using a separate color, paint the front of the drawers and drawer pulls.

Step 3. While the paint is drying, prep your herbs. You can repot them in plastic pots that fit inside the drawers, or you can leave them in their original container. Cut the top closure off of the plastic bags, and place the pot inside. This will help keep your plants from draining into the chest.

Step 4. Add your plants and place near a window for maximum growth. As the plants grow, you may need to trim them, which makes for the perfect excuse to make your own dried herbs!

(Image credit: Amelia Lawrence)
(Image credit: Amelia Lawrence)
(Image credit: Amelia Lawrence)
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