10 Shelves from Amazon That’ll Help You Get Your Act Together (for Less Than $30)

published Jan 1, 2020
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If you’re the type of person who needs everything in your home to have a place but you still want a clean, streamlined look, listen up: Floating shelves are your way forward. I’ve been tricking out my teensy New York apartment living room with them as of late to add more plant, book, and art storage spots without the bulk of extra furniture. They look cute and take up otherwise unused space. Plus, with so many styles and colors available at affordable price points, I can play around with my room design any time I get bored with my life, which is always. 

Some shelves can be pretty difficult to install, but there are lots of options out there that require only a few tools to hang—and cause minimal wall damage. Here are five ways to put these magic shelves to use in your living room, as well as some easy-to-hang options to add to your own space.

Credit: Viv Yapp

Two sets of floating shelves break up the plain white walls in this graphic designer’s minimalistic UK home. One long white ledge holds eye-catching graphic art, while another three-tiered dark wood shelf adds contrast to the white walls. 

A small white shelf in the corner of this bright suburban Chicago living room makes room for a lush, leafy plant. Even though eye level is usually ideal for shelf hanging height, mounting this perch high on the wall gives the plant plenty of room to grow unbothered. Just make sure you can reach your plants for watering!

Homeowner Mollie Debrie used invisible floating shelves in her San Francisco Bay area home to store books in an open, artistic way. The colorful spines stack high up the wall, adding subtle shades to the room and saving precious floor space. 

A set of large, natural wood shelves fill the empty walls above the TV in this small Los Angeles rental. The slightly staggered placement allows an eclectic mix of objects to shine without making the room feel cluttered. 

Three thin and perfectly centered shelves in this vintage Chicago living room add a focal point in an otherwise minimal room. The shelves’ white and light tan colors jibe with the room’s clean, natural feel.

Ready to give shelves a go in your space? Here are our 10 favorites from Amazon for adding more form and function to your space. 

Credit: Amazon

1. High & Mighty 18-Inch White Floating Shelf

No tools are required to hang these simple, sleek shelves. Just pick your spot, push them into the wall, and then fill them with up to 15 pounds of plants and knickknacks. And no worries if you need to move them around—they leave behind barely visible pin-sized holes.

Buy: 18-Inch White Floating Shelf, $27.24

Credit: Amazon

2. Command 4-Inch Floating Wall Ledges

For damage-free hanging, Command is still your BFF. Get a couple of these two-pack ledges and top them with succulents or small framed photos for a quick, cute addition to your room. Each shelf holds around 2 pounds.

Buy: 4-Inch Floating Wall Ledges, $19.99 $14.70 for a pair

Credit: Amazon

3. Omyasa Boho Wall Hanging Shelf

For a trendy boho look, go for a set of hanging triangle shelves. It’s best to mount with nails or screws, but if you’re not stacking much on them, you could get away with a strong adhesive hook.

Buy: Boho Wall Hanging Shelf, $27.99 for a set of two

Credit: Amazon

4. Storage Maniac Large Rustless Invisible Floating Bookshelf

You only need a screwdriver, screws, studs, and a couple of minutes to hang these invisible steel shelves. They’re perfect for a collection of books (and we won’t be mad if you colorize your books or go for an ombre effect on your wall either).

Buy: Large Rustless Invisible Floating Bookshelves, $25.00 for a four pack

Credit: Amazon

5. Welland 12-Inch Floating Corner Shelves

Don’t let corner space go to waste. Put a plant and a photo or two on these small corner shelves to turn a plain corner into a personalized space. You could also use these in a bedroom for accessories.

Buy: 12-Inch Floating Corner Shelves, $21.99 for two

Credit: Amazon

6. Love-Kankei Rustic Wood Floating Shelves

If the thought of mixing and matching shelves stresses you out, try this six-piece set. It comes with three square shelves (in small, medium, and large sizes) and three U-shaped shelves, so all you have to do is pick a wall configuration that you like, install them, and then style each perch out with your stuff.

Buy: Rustic Wood Floating Shelves, $28.99 for six 

Credit: Amazon

7. Command 21-Inch Floating Decor Ledge

Another Command buy, this floating wall ledge adheres to the wall in a few seconds. Deck it out with some of your favorite small objects or a framed piece of art.

Buy: 21 Inch Floating Decor Ledge, $20.99

Credit: Amazon

8. Mkono Wall Hanging Wood Shelves

Another great hanging shelf option, this one has an adjustable ladder design so you can make the spaces between each shelf as wide or narrow as you need for your decorative accessories. We love it stacked high with little plant babies, whether it’s small potted succulents or dramatic trailing ivy.

Buy: Wall Hanging Wood Shelves, $22.99

Credit: Amazon

9. Flexzion Rustic Wood Wall Mount Shelf

Two small shelves give you space for small trinkets, while hooks at the bottom add more room for something you might like to hang. This style screams modern farmhouse to me, so if you’re a “Fixer Upper” fan, get after this piece.

Buy: Rustic Wood Wall Mount Shelf, $23.95 

Credit: Amazon

10. Rerii 3-Tier Natural Bamboo Wall Display Shelves

These environmentally-friendly bamboo shelves just take nails and a hammer to install, and their minimalist design means they can easily be arranged together or mounted separately throughout your room.

Buy: 3-Tier Natural Bamboo Wall Display Shelves, $12.99