We’re Transfixed by this Kitchen Sink Drain that Makes Cleaning Easier

updated May 3, 2019
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(Image credit: Christine Han)

It’s a sign of my age that I get crazy excited about the little things at home. Sure, the frivolous things of my youth still hold some sway, but all I really want is a good vacuum that will suck up rogue animal fur, and a sink that cleans itself. I can probably manage the vacuum, but a self-cleaning sink is most likely not in the cards. That’s ok though, because this one from Elkay is the next best thing.

I was recently online, drooling over someone’s recent kitchen renovation. But while I was admiring their new Elkay faucet (and after hopping over to the company webpage to learn just how many liquor stores I had to rob to afford one), the heavens parted and there it was: the most amazing sink drain I’d ever seen.

(Image credit: Elkay)

Elkay’s edgeless drain solves one of life’s frustrating problems, which is that little ring that sits right above the sink hole. Usually, that’s the place where food and gunk gets stuck and sits, forcing us to regularly clean our sinks like responsible adults. Elkay got smart and set the drain further down into the hole, and now food and liquid go straight down, without catching on anything. It’s like the undermount sink of drains, and it’s genius I tell you. Because a good drain means a cleaner sink.

You can buy Elkay sinks at most major hardware stores, plumbing supply stores, and on Amazon. Or, if you have an Elkay sink already, and you’re the handy sort, you can buy just the drain for about $23 on Amazon and use this video to install it. Note: this drain was also designed to work with InSinkErator brand garbage disposals.

It might seem like a little thing, but anything that will help keep my sink cleaner just by its design, is a good thing in my book.