3 Entryway Accessories You Should Always Buy Used, According to Home Stagers

published Jan 14, 2023
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According to Amy Barragan, owner of Affordable Home Staging in Spokane, Washington, the average person will decide if they like your home or not in about six seconds. If you’re not selling your house, that may not matter much to you — but if you want to set the tone for a nice visit when someone’s coming over, it can be important. And the first spot a guest sees? The entryway

Staging an entryway with all new items can be a bit expensive, even though it’s a pretty small space. But you don’t have to break the bank to style the area. These are the three entryway accessories home stagers say to always buy used.

A Mirror

Mirrors play a few different roles in an entryway. They’re a spot for a last-minute check before you head out the door, but they also bring light into the area and make it feel more spacious. Plus, if you’ve got a pretty plain space, a mirror can make it nicer to look at.

“You’re instantly giving the home interest and personality with something on the wall versus an empty hallway,” says Kelly Zabel, owner of A Home Revival.

Buying a mirror at a secondhand shop is a great option, Zabel says, because they’re low wear-and-tear items. So your thrifted mirror could look just as good as the day it was first purchased.

Credit: Jason Rampe


Secondhand shops are often drowning in art that folks decided to give up on. Some finds are fabulous (like pieces that are actually worth millions) and some are… weird — like the Japanese wood carving with a Santa suit that I found at Goodwill recently. Regardless, art is a great and often inexpensive way to spruce up your entryway.

“Art adds interest and can add color as well as tell a story, even if it isn’t yours,” says Robin McGlinchey, owner of HomeScape Stagers.

A Statement Piece

If you’ve got enough room in your entryway, add a statement piece of furniture to make it more homey for both you and your guests. A chair or stool is great for a place to sit while you put on shoes, and a lamp can bring much-needed light to a dark entryway. Zabel suggests heading to the thrift shop to find a bench or console table.

“If there’s enough room, we often include a bench or a console table to show what can fit in the space comfortably, and to help buyers envision living there themselves and inviting guests into their home,” she says. “You can often find benches or console tables used, especially if the bench isn’t upholstered. Entryways get less use than, say, a living room, so furniture items have more life even when purchased secondhand.”