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See How This “Eclectic” Bungalow Entryway Makes Brilliant Use of a Dresser from Kohl’s

published Mar 19, 2024
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Credit: Molly McGuigan

Molly and her husband recently bought their first home: a classic Chicago brick bungalow that’s been lovingly renovated to retain gorgeous details like trim and hardwood floors. When it was time to start making the space their own, they began at the entryway.

As the welcome into your home, the entryway sets the tone for the rest of your space’s style. For Molly, that means an eclectic mix of colors, vintage and new furniture, and a hodgepodge of art from different eras. “And lots of plants,” Molly says. “Both of us love comfort and having a cozy home.”

To help her entryway reflect that, she opted for furniture and decor that could speak to her style and keep the couple and their two rescue pups organized on their way out the door — especially with all the layers and snow accessories that come with Chicago winters. At Kohl’s, she found high-quality, affordable home decor for small changes with big impact.

Molly started with a piece of furniture that might seem surprising: a dresser. This one has warm wood tones and woven cane detailing that fits right in with her cozily eclectic vibe. With three spacious drawers, it’s a stylish place to stash winter gear, dog leashes, and even extra kitchen linens or seasonal decor. We don’t always think of dressers outside the bedroom, but with a spacious dedicated entryway like this one, they’re an ingenuous way to add storage and reduce clutter.

Credit: Photo: Sarah Crowley; Props: Amanda Wolfson

With a larger piece to anchor the space, Molly next focused on smaller touches that add both personality and purpose. A gorgeous area rug is soft underfoot and protects the hardwood floors from dirt and salt, plus the rich red color palette complements the walnut tone of the dresser. A neutral pair of ceramic table lamps creates visual symmetry and adds task lighting to this little nook, while a decorative wood dough bowl makes a unique landing spot for keys, change, and mail.

Then it was time for the finishing touches. No room in Molly’s home would be complete without a plant. A faux monstera adds a pop of green in a spot with less-than-ideal growing conditions, and two nature-inspired prints make for a serene focal point. Finally, a scented candle provides a welcoming aroma of mahogany and cedar — and after it’s used up, the sculptural ceramic bowl can have a second life as a pretty catchall.

Now, Molly says, the space feels like a home right when you walk in. The mini makeover has also changed how she and her husband use the entryway: “I didn’t plan to be able to store so much there, so I’m really happy about having that option now. A dresser in the entryway hadn’t occurred to me!” she says. “It’s such a smart way to use the space for both an entryway tabletop and to store dog leashes, hats, gloves, and sunglasses.”