Before and After: These Homeowners Made a Very Bold Move in Their Kitchen

published Jul 2, 2018
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(Image credit: Turning It Home)

Why are we showing you a photo of a kitchen in a post allegedly about an entryway? Well, because the wall you see is about to disappear, opening up the entryway in a major way.

Kimberly Smith of Turning It Home helpfully describes the situation:

In our home was a non-load bearing wall that separated the entry way/dining room from the kitchen. Once we tore the kitchen wall down, I was eager to turn the entry way into a space that both represented our home’s style and functions for our large family.

Tearing down a wall is a bold move—one that paid off beautifully.

(Image credit: Turning It Home)

Now we have a clear view of the entryway/dining room itself, highlighting the amazing sunlight pouring in.

The entryway in our home isn’t an official entry space. Our front door opens up into the dining room with the kitchen not too far behind. We had a closet right next to the front door, but we needed something more to make the space a well-working, functioning entry space.

(Image credit: Turning It Home)

Look at the space now! It looks amazing, and that flooring looks fabulous with all the new materials and colors. The cubby cabinet is absolutely perfect in an entryway—think of all the things you’d be able to organize! Gloves, hats, dog leashes, hats, sunscreen, and more, each in their very own drawer. The new black door has a great presence, and it works perfectly with the ceiling fan.

Our first step was to switch out the floral glass door with one that was more our style and thankfully we found a great deal on an in-stock door at Lowes for around $250. My father-in-law helped install it, which was easy since it was the exact size as the previous door. I then cased the door with 1 x 4’s and used the extras for the coat rack. I attached a 1 x 6 to the top to create the perfect shelf to hold the various vintage trinkets I had been hoarding.

That’s some impressive handiness, and the results look great.

(Image credit: Turning It Home)
(Image credit: Turning It Home)

Putting a lush plant in the line of sight of the front door, so it’s the first thing you see, is a really smart move. The green is fantastic with the rich red rug.

Don’t be afraid to make a drastic change by replacing your front door (or painting it a color other than white!)!

Excellent advice, and the black door contrasts fabulously with all of the white walls.

(Image credit: Turning It Home)

I always think that you can’t go wrong with black, white, wood, and plants as your palette. The actual pieces you choose, the details, will set your space apart from any other space decorated with those same elements, but it will always, always look classic. Here, the addition of leather and gold add a bit of luxury while the straw accessories keep things grounded. The painting glows, and is another bit of beauty to be greeted with upon walking in the door. Fortunately, Kimberly is pleased with the results of all the hard work:

Now, I love arriving home and having a place to hang my purse and put my keys. The black door is my favorite piece in the space. I used an alkyd enamel paint and love how durable it is. Eventually, I would love to find just the right bench to have a place to sit when putting on our shoes.

Best of luck on the search for a bench, as having one in an entryway is such a treat. And well done all around!

Thank you, Kimberly Smith of Turning It Home!