Erin Napier Is Opening a “Scent Library” In Laurel, Mississippi

published Nov 4, 2022
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headshot of erin and ben napier
Credit: Photo: Getty Images; Design: Apartment Therapy

Imagine a cozy library, with its dark wood shelves stocked with leatherbound books and lit with moody desk lamps. Now take the books away and replace them with candles and room sprays and you have Erin Napier’s brand new experience in Laurel, Mississippi. 

The “Home Town” star just opened up a one-of-a-kind “scent library” where you can shop for scents that will leave a lasting impression.

“FINALLY, a huge dream of mine realized, right here in little Laurel, Mississippi,” Napier captioned her November 1 Instagram post. “The Laurel Mercantile Scent Library opens THIS SUNDAY, Nov. 6!”

She continued, “We’ve not found another experience like it anywhere in the world: a library of our 50+ signature fragrances all housed by topic like books in a library because every scent tells a story. A wonderful fragrance is a form of time travel — we are there again in that memory the moment we smell it again. You can take photos to remember a moment, but I wanted more: a way to capture the feeling with a scent.”

Napier has talked about scent memory so many times before and now she’ll be able to help her customers tailor fit a scent to an upcoming event or phase of life.

“Shoppers will find our bestselling candle collections in archives and classics, adventure, gardening, travel, biography, periodicals and architecture inside a painstakingly restored art deco storefront that has been an anchor in downtown Laurel for a century,” Napier added. “(A pro tip from my scentimental heart: choose a new candle before a milestone day — a baby’s birth, a wedding, a vacation — and burn it for the first time when that happens. You’ll always be able to go back to that time and place when you light it again.)”

Of course, if you’re not able to travel to Laurel to catch a whiff of the library when it opens on November 6, you can also shop Napier’s candle collection through her Laurel Mercantile website, which now has a page dedicated to the Scent Library.