The Innovative, Lightweight Bottle That Makes Barista-Worthy French Press Coffee Everywhere I Go (It’s on Sale!)

published Jan 23, 2023
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If I’m being honest with myself, I have too much coffee at home to be spending money at the drive-thru. My cousin’s a barista and is constantly sharing cups and bags of coffee with me that end up piling up by the kitchen bar cart. I’m not a person who desperately needs coffee in the morning to function, but I can’t deny that running out early for errands makes make me want to have a hot cup of joe in arm’s reach. I’m not picky — it doesn’t have to be a jazzed up drink with lots of syrup and foam. I’m just as happy with coffee I’ve made myself, but it doesn’t always come conveniently, especially if my travel tumblers aren’t clean or too big for the Keurig. ESPRO has taken the wait time out of the equation with their Ultralight Travel French Press that can brew coffee on the go, and do so without a huge mess.

Available in nine colors, the ESPRO Ultralight French Press brews both coffee and loose-leaf tea, and has a double-walled design that keeps the tumbler cool even with a hot drink inside of it. There’s a double microfilter that locks together and fully seals against the interior, which keeps the coffee from getting gritty or sludgy and helps to bring the best out of your drink while you’re out and about. This is my first travel French press, and I don’t think I could have chosen a better one. The coffee I’ve made tastes great, and I didn’t have any anxiety over making it correctly because the instructions were clear on how to use it. Additionally, it has a leak-proof lid that’s actually leak-proof, as I’ve embarrassingly knocked it over enough times to know for sure. However, it’s also helpful when adding sweeteners to your drink after it’s brewed. You can shake and swivel it without worrying about liquid flying everywhere.

Credit: Britt Franklin

Thanks to its vacuum-insulated design, the ESPRO Ultralight French press maintains its heat and keeps drinks hot (not just warm) for hours. It’s dishwasher-safe on the top rack, but hand-washing is recommended to preserve the longevity of the press, especially the outer color. (I’ve washed mine both in the dishwasher and by hand, and haven’t run into any issues yet.) And, cleaning out the grounds isn’t a pain because the filters work so well. I can pour out as much leftover liquid as possible before opening it up and dumping the leftover coffee grounds or tea leaves into a bin without a fuss. Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with the quality and convenience of this on-the-go French press. I have a lot of travel tumblers and cups around the house, but none of them can do what the ESPRO Ultralight French Press is capable of. I can also fit this tumbler into my bag or hold it comfortably by its oversized handle, and it fits into standard cup holders due to its compact and lightweight size.

For someone who only uses a French press sporadically, I couldn’t be happier with this travel French press. It’s easy to use, stylish, and durable. Plus, it would make a perfect gift for any of my coffee-loving friends and family. I only wish I’d known about it sooner!

Buy: ESPRO Ultralight French Press, $39.96 (normally $49.95)