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Pastel Pink Crates Are Everywhere Right Now and We’re Very Into It

published Apr 3, 2018
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(Image credit: Zilberblauw)

As if Kmart Australia wasn’t painful enough, we Americans have yet another reason to envy folks in other parts of the world. Europeans have discovered pastel-colored mineral water bottle crates, and are using them at home in all sorts of clever and cute ways. We are completely and utterly jealous that we can’t do it too.

Why? Because these crates are light and versatile enough to move around and use as extra storage or seating. And they only are available in Europe, as far as we can tell.

But really it’s all about the color. Here’s a couple of Evian crates stacked together in a corner, looking perfectly Millennial, in a Scandi-modern minimalist interior. They really don’t have to do anything but just sit there and look pretty.

Zilverblauw is the OG when it comes to these pastel little cuties —she’s been using them since at least 2016, and most people credit her with showing them the way. That’s also her cat in the lead image above, who loves to use the crates to climb on.

We love them as a little side table, or a plant stand, as seen in Milou’s living room, next to her sofa.

Here’s one with a custom wooden top, which makes it a whole lot more useful: storage down below, and surface up top

If you like the idea of a mint green crate instead, try looking for Genossenschaft Deutscher Brunnen, a German mineral water cooperative. They pop up on occasion as well. Annalise was traveling in Germany and asked a store owner if she could buy a whole bunch of water bottles in order to get the crates for free.

Joelix has a couple of these kicking around her home. In addition to using one for plants, she also turned one into a cat bed. It doesn’t get much more adorable than a cute cat in a cute crate.

Laulittle uses them all the time in her photographs. They are a chic and colorful backdrop when styled with magazines, vases, and other decor.

More practically, they are a great place to store extra wallpaper or wrapping paper. The divided sections help keep everything rolled up and organized.

What a great option in a kids room, for storing toys or books.

Author, blogger and interior stylist Julia Ballmaier’s German flat, features a hacked crate with a new top that acts as a bedside table. Mounting it also makes it a smart small space solution.

Blogger Dekotopia added some unfinished wooden legs for her own bedside table, which might even been easier to pull off, and just as cute.

If you are looking for one yourself, in addition to Evian, there’s also Saeme, which also has an equally pretty pink one. Zilverblauw (again, OG) used hers as a super stylish solution for holding firewood next to a wood stove.

Sigh. If you can’t find your very own Evian pastel-colored crate (we looked on eBay even and no dice), you can always paint one perhaps? This white one, which was elevated by Fall for DIY is pretty nice too. It’s easy to do with this kit from Swenyo.