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This Black-and-Gold Entryway Console Welcomes Spring into Your Home — Literally

published Apr 12, 2023
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Credit: Photo: Rikki Snyder; Stylist: Ashley Toth

The transition from winter to spring is a joyful one: After months of gray and cold, the days get longer, the birds start singing, and the air fills with the sweet scent of new growth. And we get eager to bring this invigorating energy home. With a few small tweaks and touches, our spaces can take on all the color and dynamism of the season, giving us the feeling of a fresh start every day.

We asked DIY maven Ursula Carmona how she’d welcome the seasonal shift into her space. We loved her Sophisticated Bohemian mood board so much that we started thinking about how to use it in the real world! So here’s a simple small-space refresh that’s inspired by springtime colors, textures, and scents — because scent is one of the most powerful ways to set a new tone in your space.

Credit: Photo: Rikki Snyder; Stylist: Ashley Toth

Inspired by Ursula Carmona’s sophisticated boho living room refresh, we created a spot that was just as lively and convivial: an entryway console. Ursula leaned into organic shapes, bright surfaces, and botanical colorways to celebrate the new season in rich, moody style. Her finishing touch was the Air Wick Essential Mist® Refreshing Watermelon & Berries scent. The fragrance is infused with essential oils for a subtle scent that’s continuously diffused throughout the room.

Credit: Photo: Rikki Snyder; Stylist: Ashley Toth

“A well-designed room is more than just its picturesque quality,” Ursula says. “Important factors like ambiance and scent contribute to how you experience the space.” The entryway is an ideal place to think about this experience: It’s how your home says hello!

To say hello to spring, we took a cue from Ursula’s botanical stylings, with bold leaf-print wallpaper and a vase of fresh flowers. The gold in the wallpaper and vase, as well as the rounded tabletop and console hardware, add that bright sparkle that seems to be everywhere this time of year. And a lovely mirror does double duty, reflecting light and giving you a last look before heading out the door.

Credit: Photo: Rikki Snyder; Stylist: Ashley Toth

The fresh flowers echo a seasonal theme of ripe pinks and oranges: We especially love the riotous color of that bust, which turns a classic accent whimsical. A vibrant woven African basket adds another pop of color, plus gives you a pretty spot for keys and mail. Natural banana-leaf baskets bring the outdoors in while providing catch-all storage for everything from throw blankets to magazines. And with the continuous scent of Air Wick Essential Mist® Refreshing Watermelon & Berries in the air, you’ll feel that springtime energy as soon as you step inside.