This Is the Quintessential Autumn Activity for You, According to Your Enneagram Type

published Sep 1, 2022
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After a summer of particularly heinous heat waves, I am especially looking forward to autumn’s arrival. Perhaps I have bias as a New Englander, but fall is arguably the most aesthetically pleasing of all seasons. Sweater weather, spooky times, the sudden urge to read a book by a fireplace — immaculate vibes all around. But with so many extremely pleasant activities to choose from, where should you start? With your Enneagram type of course. 

If you don’t know your type, you can take an online assessment. And fret not, you can participate in any of these autumn activities regardless of your Enneagram type, I’m just getting the ball rolling. 

Type One — The Perfectionist: Knit a scarf

As a One, your perfectionist nature lends itself to becoming a star knitter. You’ll actually finish whatever project you start because of your intense ability to both concentrate and follow through on commitments. Your quiet and controlled nature gives you the patience to execute your knitting patterns with consistency, which goes a long way when you’re knitting hundreds of stitches. And as someone who’s motivated by practicality and improving the welfare of others, what is more practical than a hobby that begets clothes to keep you and your loved ones cozy through the crisper weather?

Type Two — The Giver: Bake a pie

As helpful, nurturing people, Twos often express love in words and actions. And sharing an apple pie (or pumpkin, that’s fine too) you’ve baked is the ultimate expression of love. Your eagerness to involve yourself in others’ lives may even prompt you to invite someone to bake with you. You’re good at anticipating loved ones’ needs, and not only is baking a pie together the ultimate autumnal bonding activity, but it’s therapeutic AF because you get to eat it after. 

Type Three — The Achiever: Craft a fantasy football bracket

Threes tend to be competitive and love a win, which is why they should consider participating in a fantasy football bracket. For someone motivated by personal success, this is the closest you can get to winning without actually playing yourself. Sure, Sundays full of hot wings and app trays are a treat, but flexing that strategy-savvy mind of yours and potentially winning some cash really takes Sunday football to the next level. You can also feed your inner workaholic by researching different players stats for your picks. 

Type 4 — The Individualist: Carve jack o’lanterns

Fours are unique and motivated by their desire to express that individuality. So it only makes sense that they are often creative artistic types. The ultimate form of autumn art? A jack o’lantern carving, of course. All of us have seen the over-achiever carved pumpkins that blow smoke the old triangle eyes, nose, and single-tooth smile. This is your chance to be that person. Fours can flex their creative strengths and quirky nature by producing a pumpkin as offbeat and endearing as they are. 

Type 5 — The Investigator: Become a horror film scholar 

Fives love expanding their intellect and the comforts of home, which is why binging horror films is the most ideal way to celebrate Halloween. Added bonus: This is definitely something you can do alone, since we know Fives use their social battery sparingly. Indulge yourself in the rich history of horror films, but don’t limit yourself to just works made in the U.S. — Japan, South Korea, and Italy are just a few of some other countries known to produce scary gems.

Type 6 — The Skeptic: Tour a haunted house

Sixes love knowing they are safe and sound, which, who can blame them? As professional risk avoiders, attending a haunted house for the sake of spooky season should serve as a low-stakes thrill. Or perhaps it will act as a dose of exposure therapy if you’re unable to anticipate the man who will jump out with the fake chainsaw. And if you’re a Six, you likely have a close-knit group of friends who can accompany you to this outing of controlled chaos. 

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Type 7 — The Enthusiast: Take a leaf-peeping road trip

Why do just one autumn activity when you can have all the experiences? Sevens are always on the hunt to satiate their endless interests and avoid boredom at all costs. Taking a foliage road trip means you can stop and build in other picturesque autumn activities along the way, all while taking in the glorious changing landscape. Stop to go apple picking, find your way out of a corn maze, take a moody picture in front of a barn, eat every cider donut in a 100-mile radius — the options are endless. 

Type 8 — The Challenger: Host a Halloween party 

As an Eight, your energetic and busy nature makes you the ideal Halloween party host. Bring that main character energy and indulge your love of being in control — you won’t be shy about leading the charge in any activities you may have planned for your spooky get together. And, your charisma and almost intimidating nature will ensure no one dares disappoint you by showing up costume-less. As the chaotic-good rebel of the Enneagram types, it is only natural that you host the party for the most innocently mischievous holiday of the year. 

Credit: Bryant Jayme

Type 9 — The Peacemaker: Embark on a foliage hike 

Nines are often defined by their sense of inner peace, so taking a foliage hike is the ideal autumn activity for them. Motivated by your need for harmony, spending time among changing leaves will leave you feeling grounded in an environment that matches your own zen. As someone who spends lots of time combing over their psychological state, nature is the idyllic backdrop for processing any negative emotions or internal disturbances. You’ll appreciate the beauty of the season as you do with all simple pleasures in life.