These Are the Most Popular Fall Home Decor Trends, According to Pinterest

published Sep 23, 2022
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Fall may be about pumpkins and skeletons, but believe it or not, this season’s most popular decor are rattan chairs, ceramic plates, and velvet cushions.

WeThrift has published research on the top 10 biggest autumn design trends, based on the number of searches on Pinterest for the last four months. According to Nick Drewe, the company’s trend expert, the results reveal that more people are expressing themselves through their interiors.

“For years we have seen the interior scene saturated with beige colors and minimalist living spaces, but now we are seeing interior lovers creating homes that are a statement of their personality,” he said.

Here’s what they had to say about the top three trends, namely: farmhouse, nature-inspired, and bold patterns:


Just when you thought shiplap and wrought iron fixtures were on their way out, they’re not. The aesthetic has seen a 316 percent increase in searches, thanks to its neutral color palettes and warm, inviting feel. It shouldn’t be a surprise that farmhouse is still loved by many.

“It’s easy to replicate, and people are incorporating the trend with a modern approach throughout the home, with minimalist elements that resemble Scandinavian design,” said Drewe. “Trying to strike the right balance between rustic and modern living, with contemporary aspects that reflect today’s ideal home.”


With remote work becoming the norm, people are making their homes more livable by adding indoor plants and rattan furniture, putting up botanical wallpaper, and letting in natural light.

“One way to bring a touch of nature into your home is by adding skylights, or different types of reflective materials and sheer drapes. Doing this will allow the natural light to shine through your home,” said Drewe. 

“Natural materials, like wood, rattan, bamboo, and stone are also another great feature to incorporate into your space.”

Bold patterns

Goodbye, minimalism? WeThrift says there’s been a 217 percent increase in searches for bold patterns, suggesting that homeowners are becoming less intimidated in using bright rugs, curtains with zebra stripes, and polka dot pillows.

“Adding bold patterns into your home doesn’t have to feel daunting, it can be easy to do and can make your space feel brighter and more energetic,” said Drewe. “You can pair a geometric wallpaper, a striped rug or accent pillows with crisp white walls to highlight the patterns.”

Here’s the complete top 10 most popular trends this fall:

  1. Farmhouse 
  2. Nature-inspired 
  3. Bold patterns 
  4. Maximalist interior 
  5. Contemporary 
  6. Retro style 
  7. Ceramic plates 
  8. 70s interiors 
  9. Mediterranean 
  10. Vintage furniture