Tiny Floating Acorn Candles Are the Fall DIY You’ll Be Obsessed With

published Oct 13, 2023
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Cute autumn home decor arrangement. Tiny wooden cabin balcony with heather flowers in pot, lavender in bottle vase, candlelight flame, soft beige plaid waiting on comfortable garden furniture chair
Credit: Getty Images/ Helin Loik-Tomson

If you’ve been on the hunt for an easy DIY project to make this autumn, then these acorn cap candles may be just the thing to get you in the fall spirit. Perfect for photos, dinner party centerpieces, and more, these wee candles will make you feel like a fall fairy every time you light one.

“These charming little acorn candles are so much fun,” Ashley from the Woodlark Instagram account wrote in a recent caption. “These candles will burn for about 10 to 15 minutes floating in water, and the trick is to choose acorn caps that are structurally sound and to not over-pour the wax.”

To make these candles, you need a few key materials including acorn caps, beeswax (or old candles that can be melted down), cotton wicks, and a heat-proof container to melt and pour the wax. You’ll also need an egg carton for easy pouring and setting.

First, cut as many cotton wicks as you have acorn caps, making sure to cut the wicks long enough to stick out from the surface of the candle.

Cut holes into each egg section of an old egg carton and place your acorn caps tip-side down onto each hole. 

Then, melt your wax using your heat-proof container and a double-boiler method. When your wax has liquified, dip the cotton wicks into the wax, straighten them, and let them cool.

Carefully pour your wax into each acorn cap and let it harden slightly before inserting your wick.

When the wax has cooled, fill a heat-safe vessel with water and float your acorn cap candles. Light them up and marvel at just how cool this DIY is!

Ashley notes that these candles last for about 10 to 15 minutes, but she has other DIY candle tutorials that will last a bit longer on her Instagram and blog, too. These pumpkin candles, for example, are just too cute.

Start foraging for acorns and make enough acorn cap candles to last you through Thanksgiving.