One Small Step You Can Take for Cleaner, Happier Floors

updated Oct 15, 2022
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This year, we’re on a mission to help you tackle spring cleaning on your time. Each weekday until April 13, we’ll guide you through a plan to clean and organize different areas of your home, but you’ll have the flexibility to choose exactly what to work on and how long you have to dedicate to the job.

Your floors are the hardest working space in your home, and they deserve a ton of love. So even if this is a zone you clean regularly, it can still be on the list for spring cleaning, in one way or another.

Days like today are where this choose-your-own-adventure style spring cleaning plan really shines. We’ve all got different floors at home. And chances are, no matter what your homekeeping style, you’ll find a job below that you feel good about doing today. Some spot or task that’s been left alone for too long. Let’s get it done!

Today’s Task: The Floors

Decide how much time you can dedicate to cleaning your floors today, then choose your micro-mission:

If you have 1 day…

Clean all your floors. If you have all day to dedicate to the task, you should just buckle down and work systematically around your home, giving all the floors some attention. Pick up rugs, vacuum under furniture and in every corner, and sweep or mop as needed. Spring cleaning is also a great time to polish floors or apply any treatments your particular floors might need.

Here are some resources you might find helpful along the way:

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If you have 1 hour…

Vacuum, spot treat and beat out your rugs. If you have many rugs at home, you might need to just choose one or a few that need the most attention. (Or, you can absolutely outsource this job if that’s more your style. I have a nearby dry cleaner that ships rugs out for cleaning for a song.)

You can vacuum the rugs as you usually do, but spring cleaning is a good excuse to move furniture out of the way if you usually vacuum around it. Check for any stains or discoloration that may have missed detection before today, and make a plan to treat it. These links might help you on your way:

Finally, if you have the energy and muscle, take your rugs outside for a proper beating. Once outside, shake the rug out as best you can, then drape it over a clothesline or fence railing or similar spot and beat it out. If you’ve been hanging onto a carpet beater, this is the moment for it to shine, but if not, a tennis racket or any object sort of shaped like it will work just fine. Take the beater hit the draped rug, pounding out the dust and debris trapped within the fibers. When you bring the rug back in, lay it down so it’s rotated from it’s original position — this will help you wear out your rug more evenly.

If you have 10 minutes…

Vacuum in corners and under furniture. Or really just any spots you might not reach very well with your normal vacuum routine (like inside closets and all the way under the bed.). Now is your chance to just be a little more focused and deliberate about the areas of your floor that don’t get regular attention.

If you have 1 minute…

Quickly clean your hardest working swath of floor. That might mean scrubbing the entryway threshold or a fast mop in the kitchen. Just take one minute to give it a little extra love, in whatever way you best know how.

Floors can be a big job, I know. If you have any tips to make floor cleaning easier or faster, please share your secrets in the comments!