A Former Bed Bath and Beyond Employee Revealed How To Properly Fold a Towel In Just Seconds

updated Apr 10, 2020
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You probably don’t give much thought to the contents of your linen closet after you transport your laundry hamper in and out and shut the door behind you. But one former Bed Bath and Beyond employee just shared how the towels are folded at the home decor retailer, and it’s so easy, you’ll truly wonder how you’ve been folding towels all these years without this info.

TikTok user kristinalburn worked at Bed Bath and Beyond when she was in high school, and she just shared the towel folding techniques that employees use to create the organized, serene towel-lined walls in the bathroom section of the store. It truly takes a matter of seconds, and it will make your linen closet look like an HGTV-inspired dream.

First, you lay your towel out smooth lengthwise so one of the long sides is close to you. You then grab the left (short) edge of the towel, folding it over toward the right (short) edge, but not over the entire length of the towel. Instead, fold it in thirds. Then, take the newly created left edge and pull it all the way across to the right (short) edge. It will now look like a rectangle, with the shortest edge closest to you.

You’ll fold the new bottom edge up about two-thirds of the way, before folding the top edge down and over to meet the newly folded bottom edge. Then, flip the towel over so the folds and loose edge are on the bottom of the towel.

If that sounds at all complicated, simply watch Burn’s TikTok video and you’ll quickly and clearly see how it’s done. In a later video, she shows off her folding skills again, thanking fans for the love on her towel folding post and joking that she might show off her fitted sheet technique next. Here’s hoping that she shares her intel soon, because properly folding a fitted sheet is perhaps one of the most frustrating domestic tasks for even the biggest laundry lovers out there.