The 5 Kitchen Tools My French Husband Insisted We Buy (One Is Just $14.99!)

published Aug 1, 2021
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Credit: Viv Yapp

When you marry a French person, inevitably some of their “French-ness” finds its way into your household. When I met my husband, Fabien, our mutual love of food and wine eventually translated into him helping me outfit our kitchen with some of the most useful tools that are commonplace in France. They’re a combination of practical and chic (as far as kitchenware goes), and instantly elevated my cooking experience. If you’re looking to add a French touch to your own kitchen, look no further than these five kitchen tools my husband insisted we get.

Le Creuset Dutch Oven

My husband bought me my first cocotte — a Le Creuset model in bright red. This enameled cast iron beauty is essential for making long-simmering stews and soups, like beef bourguignon and cassoulet, because of its ability to retain heat and withstand the oven. Plus, it’s simply gorgeous on the stovetop and table, n’est-ce pas?

Peugeot Pepper Mill

Pre-ground pepper? Absolument pas. When I started to cook more elaborate meals for our date nights, Fabien suggested we invest in this stylish, refillable mill from Peugeot. It doesn’t just look beautiful on the counter — it also lets you select your grind so you can easily adjust the seasoning in your dish. It’s available in stainless steel, natural wood, or a lacquered finish.

Mercer Culinary Bread Knife

Because bread is a staple in nearly all French households, a good bread knife is also a must-have. The serrated edge makes it easy to cut through a chewy exterior without smashing the inner crumb, and can be used on all types of bread — like crusty baguettes and delicate brioche. You’ll never want to cut bread with anything else.

OXO Salad Spinner

A typical lunch or dinner in France might include salad — especially during the spring and summer. Instead of trying to rinse and dry greens with towels or a vigorous shaking, this spinner uses centrifugal force to remove nearly every drop of excess water, without damaging your lettuce leaves. You’re left with salad that won’t result in watered-down dressing. 

Laguiole En Aubrac Corkscrew

My husband is a winemaker by trade, and swears by this style of corkscrew — it features a folding knife to cut the foil off the bottle and is the most efficient when it comes to uncorking your vin. It’s also compact (perfect for a picnic), and the ones made by Laguiole come in a variety of beautiful materials, like olive wood or horn. Is it expensive? Oui. But it makes a truly exceptional gift, too. (Editor’s note: For a more affordable option, we also like this corkscrew.)

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