Here’s What Monica’s Apartment from Friends Would Look Like in 2018

published May 4, 2018
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It’s been 14 years (not a typo, sadly!) since we said goodbye to Monica, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, Rachel, and Ross, and yet there are still a few lingering questions regarding their departure. We don’t have time to discuss why no one thought Ross should just go with Rachel and Emma to Paris so that Rachel didn’t have to give up all of her dreams and everything she worked for, although we should, but we do have some time to discuss another questionable resolution: In what world would Monica give up that glorious apartment?

The Friends finale aired on May 6, 2004, and ended with all six of our pals handing over their keys to the purple apartment, as Monica and Chandler moved out to Westchester with their new twins. Monica’s apartment originally belonged to her grandma and thanks to rent control, remained enviably affordable for the size and location. Though the handing over of the keys makes for a lovely and sentimental final moment, when you’re in possession of such a real estate gem, you need to pay it forward. It wasn’t practical for the Bings to stay there with their growing family, and Phoebe wanted her and Mike’s family to be the next Von Trapps, so they’re out too, but surely Ross and Rachel could’ve taken over the lease, or Joey, Duck Jr, and Chick Jr could’ve made the move from across the hall. It was just too good to let go!

We’re not the only ones who think giving up that apartment was silly. The team over at e-design company Modsy took the idea a step further, and in honor of the finale’s 14th anniversary, imagined what that iconic apartment would look like in 2018, if the Friends gang had stuck around and updated it over the years. Be sure to look closely at the pics — Modsy added some fun Friends throwbacks for diehard fans.

Monica and Chandler

According to Modsy’s Director of Style and Design History PhD Alessandra Wood, if Monica and Chandler had stayed in Manhattan, their updated design aesthetic would be “Rustic Warmth.” They’d still have their eclectic blend of contemporary and rustic styles, just a little more grown up. Although it’s hard to imagine ditching the purple walls (the accent wall is “an homage to the space’s history,” but not the real deal) and teal cabinets, the familiar purple door would always be a mainstay. And if Monica’s apartment doesn’t have the Jouets print, does it even exist at all?


If Rachel finally got her hands on that apartment, she’d have made some big changes by 2018. Modsy believes Rachel Green would deploy a “Less is More Chic” aesthetic, and given the apartment a more modern, glam feel. Rachel is a trendy woman, so if any Friend is going to get into Millennial Pink, it’s her. Aside from the pink sofa, Modsy also added some touches of “plush velvet and marble” to class the joint up. It’s very sleek, very Rachel, and you just know she’s making Ross keep his fossils in a drawer somewhere. She gave up Paris for you — you owe her one, Ross.

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Let’s be honest, the only way Joey is making the move across the hall is if Monica promises to keep the fridge stocked with lasagnas. Modsy thought Joey would have what they call an “Atomic Industrial” style, “mixing mid-century pieces with industrial accents.” They gave him a sharp looking bachelor pad “full of wood, leathers, and metals.” The La-Z-boy recliners are gone, but Pat the Dog (duh!) and Hugsy (aw!) have both survived the move. And it looks like Joey replaced the destroyed foosball table with a new one; he always was a softy at heart.

There’s no word on what Phoebe would’ve done with the apartment, but let’s safely assume that by 2018 Mike would’ve gotten over his fear of Gladys, and she’d be properly displayed in all her glory.

Just kidding, that thing was terrifying.

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