11 Tweets That Captured What It’s Like Being Single in 2019

published Dec 31, 2019
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Chances are you’ve fielded a few too many questions from Aunt Bertha about why you’re single this holiday season. In fact, if you’re single on the cusp of 2020, there’s all sort of annoying stuff you have to deal with, like gratuitous social media posts from your crushes and one too many smartphone apps telling you how to find true love. In the name of celebrating your single-dom, here are 11 tweets that capture what it’s like being single as we go into the new year. And just remember: One can only tolerate so many dating profile photos of guys holding giant fish before throwing your phone in a lake.

When grandma doesn’t really need to know the truth:

When you’re not willing to lower your standards:

When social media rules your world:

Since your idea of fun is staying at home under a blanket:

And because you wait around for no one:

Because everyone has their own idea of haute cuisine:

When you read into your Co-Star app a little too much:

Because you’re grateful nobody got you an exercise bike this holiday season:

When technology fights back:

When you notice you lost a follower:

When you notice all the dating app bios are alike: