5 Things We Found in Amazon’s “Useless Gifts” Section

updated May 23, 2019
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Amazon, itself, is a gift that keeps on giving. Along with free two-day shipping (for Prime members), $2 samples, and an online Gift Finder, the mega retailer even offers a “useless gifts” section for pranking co-workers and friends.

Check out this Amazon section for yourself: Useless Gifts

Yes, folks, you heard it right: On top of all the insanely helpful items and services Amazon provides, it also has a page devoted entirely to meaningless gift-giving. And while there aren’t a ton of pointless presents for sale, we rounded up a five of the funniest ones in the bunch to make shopping for your next white elephant party a breeze.

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1. Gift of Nothing, $7.70

Searching for the perfect gift for a person who claims they don’t want anything for their birthday? Amazon has you covered. The Gift of Nothing is just that: a nicely packaged ball of air with a cute little write-up about the importance of minimalism because, after all, “nothing is sacred” these days.

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Okay so this one isn’t entirely pointless, but it definitely makes an awesome gag gift. The Original Toilet Night Light Gadget is a motion sensor activated LED light (in a rainbow of fun colors) that clips to the side of a toilet bowl and lights up anytime someone gets close to the seat. Priced for around 10 bucks a pop; it’s no wonder Amazon endorses this colorful novelty item as a great “useless gift.”

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3. Useless Box, $16.99

Looking for an interesting, but totally useless, holiday gift for a co-worker? This Useless Box is wooden box with a switch that turns itself on, then immediately off, when flicked. It’s completely pointless—yet absolutely perfect for placing on your desk to fool passersby (and your boss).

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We all have that one, especially moody friend or coworker (or boss) we’re stuck gift shopping for from time to time. Let them know you accept or at least recognize all of their various temperaments by gifting them with this snarky desk flipchart—complete with 47 different moods to choose from—so they can let everyone know how they’re feeling that day as soon as they approach their desk.

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5. Fun Cup Holder Clip, $10.99

I could wax poetic about this mostly useless (but white elephant-party-perfect) desk accessory-slash-cup-holder-clip, but I’ll let an Amazon customer spell it out for you instead. In their two-star verified review of this silly clip-on cup and mug holder, user J R explains: “Really doesn’t support any weight. I am not sure I would put a cup of liquid in it.” Sounds pretty pointless to me!