The Future of Kitchens Could Include Voice Control and Hands-Free Cooking

published Feb 20, 2021
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While this might sound like something out of “The Jetsons,” the future of kitchens could include voice control and hands-free cooking, according to experts. Kitchens are the central hubs of many homes‚ even becoming makeshift offices for some amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As such, German kitchen manufacturer Kutchenhaus polled over 2,000 people around the U.K. to determine the key features that people want in their dream kitchens. No surprise here, but much of the elements are rooted in functionality and sustainability—and experts predict that the features just might dominate kitchens by 2041. 

According to Kutchenhaus, 89% of respondents cited functionality as the most important feature in their dream kitchens, followed closely by storage space and sustainable functions. Technology is also big: 69% of respondents cited a desire for appliances outfitted with the latest tech. Still, that doesn’t outweigh the desire for a classic kitchen. “When we think of future designs, we think of technology, and this rightly so plays a huge part in the development of kitchen manufacturing,” Chris Smith, owner of the Kutchenhaus franchise in Warrington, England, says. “But what’s key to remember is the livability and functionality of the room.”

While research indicates a desire for smart appliances to make tasks more efficient, that “love of cooking is still directing the core design of our kitchens,” Smith adds. 

Credit: Kutchenhaus

Don’t rule out major changes entirely, though. “We expect it will be commonplace in 20 years’ time to have a central hub tablet that allows voice commanded control of recipes, timers, temperatures, and appliance switch on,” Smith says. “In the future everybody will be able to turn their coffee machine on while still in bed or start the dishwasher when at the supermarket.” 

Kutchenhaus also determined some of the top coveted design styles. According to the poll, 59% of respondents cited a preference for a modern kitchen, while 52% favored an open layout. Other coveted design features include a kitchen island (per 43% of respondents), open shelves (42%), a breakfast bar (40%), and bi-folding doors (33%). Kutchenhaus even rendered an image of this dream kitchen of the future (pictured above).

“You can see by our design that the future kitchen is accessible for everyone as well as allowing plenty of light into the room,” Smith says. “Our kitchens will be mostly open planned [and] centered around an island for socializing with smart, tucked away appliances.” The future appears to be upon us.