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Credit: Photo by Joe Lingeman; Prop Styling by Stephanie Yeh

30 Weirdly Useful Gifts That Would Delight Anyone on Your List This Year

updated Nov 24, 2020
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There’s nothing quite as satisfying as getting a beloved gift that you would have never discovered on your own. And that experience gets even better if the present you received is something that’s useful around the house. Weirdly useful gifts are the best gifts in many cases—they’re practical, purposeful, and won’t end up shoved in the back of a junk drawer somewhere eventually (at least that’s the goal). No matter who you’re buying a gift for, having the special someone say, “Huh. This is actually really cool! I’ve never heard of this!” or “Oh my gosh, I’ve always wondered if these are as awesome as everyone says” is the best feeling.

And whether you think your loved one is into a bowl that organizes produce by ripeness or a pitcher that chills beverages instantly, there is a weirdly useful gift option out there just for them. Skeptical? Simply peruse the list below. Special fruit bowls, instantly-chilling pitchers, fancy bidets, and just about everything in between—it’s all only one click away.

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Uncommon Goods

Boxed wine is glorious, but it doesn’t always look so gorgeous on the counter. Enter: the Wine sphere. It has a mid-century modern vibe while dispensing glorious, glorious wine. So you can look cool and please everyone at the party.

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Uncommon Goods

Ever get to the bottom of your fruit bowl and sincerely regret that you forgot about that avocado? Or a tomato? A banana? It's not a pretty picture. This fruit bowl allows you to organize produce by ripeness so that you never, ever forget about a lone avocado again. This means less waste, less mess, and more delicious meals.

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Open Spaces

The best thing you can get for the person who has everything is a convenient way to store it all. There's no limit to how useful a solid storage bin can be. You can use these medium ones in the kitchen, pantry, bedroom, bathroom, or bookshelf to keep things tidy and hidden.

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Uncommon Goods

There’s no better pairing for a picnic in the park than great beverages and fun music. This very specific gift combines both of them in one very cool-looking package.

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Uncommon Goods

For your plant-obsessed friend, there is this frame. It'll help them turn their favorite plants into work of art. The perfect gift for the holidays or just for those with a new home to decorate, the growlight frame shelf will look good and produce healthy, vibrant plants, making it a win-win product.

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Ah, the bidet. Everyone has an opinion on them. But if the Squatty Potty has become universally beloved, then why can't this? Tushy's warm water bidet that would be the perfect holiday gift—maybe a little bit funny when someone first unwraps it (because, ya know, butts), but also pretty darn useful, too.

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We all have that one friend who is dedicated to cleaning—maybe they even enjoy the process. So why not give them a kit that helps them make their favorite household hobby a little more environmentally friendly? Blueland cleaners are free of harsh chemicals, but still tough on messes. This kit gives someone everything they need to transform their cleaning routine into something even more beautiful and satisfying.

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If you know someone who doesn't yet own a hand steamer, get them one! These tools are endlessly versatile. You can use them to get wrinkles out of clothes, of course, but also bedsheets, curtains, and other linens. Plus they can help you tackle stubborn grime from bathroom tile, too!

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The Grommet

At first, this portable fan looks a little intense. But is that worth it to live a sweat-free lifestyle? I say yes, and odds are if you have friends who are constantly overheated (we all have at least one) or live somewhere with a super hot climate, they'd feel the same way.

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The Container Store

If you're wondering if there's something more frustrating than a million cables that all fall off your table the second you unplug a device, there isn't. And it's also something that pretty none of us will likely attempt to fix. So why not make a friend's life easier and buy them this cord solution? It's not high-tech, but it will make your friend's life better (you'll probably even want to buy one for yourself, too).

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Daily Harvest

For those with busy, stressful lives, sometimes meal time can come last. But even those of us who are challenged when it comes to culinary endeavors can probably agree that having nutritious, interesting meals is always the goal. Daily Harvest makes it easier than ever to make fresh smoothies or grain bowls with almost no effort at all. Gifting someone a Daily Harvest 9-item box means that you've freed up some time for them to think about something other than making food, and what's better than that?

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Uncommon Goods

Say hello to the best cold-weather gift of all time. There's nothing better than curling up with a warm mug of coffee or oatmeal on a cool day, and this handwarmer oatmeal bowl makes the experience even better. Just imagine sitting on the couch under a cozy blanket, watching "Gilmore Girls," and clutching this bowl.

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Just imagine the look on your loved one's face when they get this gift. Then imagine their dog's face! If you have a dog-obsessed friend, this gift is perfect for them—especially if they have a large backyard. And for people with new puppies, this could be a virtual game-changer.

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Great Jones

Gifting someone the gorgeous kitchenware piece of their dreams will always make them grin from ear to ear. If they cook a lot, it's a helpful, game-changing tool for their kitchen and if they don't, this Great Jones Dutch Oven honestly looks pretty damn good just sitting on the counter, too (but, ya know, it's better if you use it).

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The Grommet

The ultimate weirdly useful gift, this antimicrobial key fob means that you would never have to touch a door knob, car handle, or key pad again. That means fewer germs and less stressing about germs, too. Is this 2020's ultimate stocking stuffer? Perhaps!

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Uncommon Goods

Arguably the best part of this product is its name. I mean, Shower Squids? What's more fun than that? Seriously speaking, though, this product is handy—especially for the person who is always knocking over a million bath products that are precariously stacked on the edge of the shower.

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The Grommet

Imagine instantly chilling any beverage. Hot coffee right out of the pot? Ice cold. Bourbon that's been sitting on the bar? Chilled. Hot tea? Iced tea. This Cold Wave Beverage Chiller does just that. Plus, it's really cool to show dinner guests or friends how quickly it works its magic.

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Urban Outfitters

A skin care refrigerator is, perhaps, the definition of indulgent. But hey, that's what gifts are supposed to be, right? For the skin care lover in your life, set up this bad boy, fill it with their favorite products, and put a bow on top. Best. Gift. Ever.

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The Grommet

If you've never tried to paint your toenails yourself, this one probably won't make sense to you. If you have, then you are probably going, "Oh my gosh, this would change my life. " And yes, it would. Combine this gift with a handful of beautiful polishes, a nail file, and even a foot massager and you've got the best gift basket of all time.

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Urban Outfitters

This is the gift that will have everyone saying, "Oh my gosh, I've been WANTING one of these." Because really, who among us hasn't remarked at how dirty our phone probably is? This device is helpful, practical, and provides peace of mind when it comes to germs on the thing that most of us touch the most throughout the day.

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This dish tub makes lots of life's little chores go easier—so you're really giving the gift of time here. You can fill it with soapy water to wash and soak dishes, keep it on hand as an overflow spot for dirty dishes waiting to be washed, or use it like a bus bin to clear the table at the end of the day.

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For the friend who throws their laptop into their backpack or tote bag with wild abandon, there is this laptop sleeve. It's cute enough that anyone would actually want to use it and it'll help them not destroy their most precious piece of tech.

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Urban Outfitters

If you know someone who loves useful tech or just has difficulty waking up in the morning, consider gifting them this alarm clock. It's part light, part alarm clock, and incredibly useful for actually detaching from your phone a bit. If you know someone who's sick of using their phone to start their days, they'd probably love this.

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was $59.00

We all know that person who cannot get enough candles. Fall candles. Spring candles. Monday candles. Just-because candles. You get the idea. For this person, there is this Brooklinen AM to PM candle set. This thoughtful collection of candles means that they can start and end their day with a gorgeous, sensory scent experience. Pair them with a Brooklinen sheet set if you really want to impress someone with your gift-giving skills.

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Uncommon Goods

Great for those who spend a lot of time outdoors or at the gym, this NanoDry towel is so incredibly small that it almost seems impossible that it can absorb liquid. But according to its positive reviews, it's the real deal.

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The Grommet

Bacon grease can be annoying to deal with if you're in the kitchen a lot. It'll make you wish there were a way to dispose of it that didn't affect your drains or pipes. Enter: The Bacon Bin. It collects grease efficiently and is easy to store in your fridge or freezer.

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Uncommon Goods

If you know someone who is into composting, this could be a nice aesthetic upgrade to their supply of gear. And if your giftee isn't into composting just yet, but you know it's something right up their environment-loving alley, this is the perfect tool to get them started.

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was $79.95

A phone sanitizer is exactly the type of thing that someone says, “Gosh, I really need one of those.” again and again but never actually buys themselves. Hence, the perfect, weirdly specific, yet incredibly useful gift.

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Uncommon Goods

For those friends who want to get more into cooking, but you know deep down don’t want to actually try, there’s this automatic pan stirrer. It’s helpful, but also kind of funny, too. And, hey, for those who like to cook for large groups, there’s nothing easier to forget that stirring a dish, so it really will come in handy.