This Is the One Place You Haven’t Thought to Hang Your Art

updated Jun 10, 2021
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Gallery walls are one of those design staples that never really go out of style. You saw them in the houses of tycoons in the 19th century, and you see them in walkup apartments today. From sprawling loft walls to tiny studio apartment living rooms, gallery walls appear in all kinds of houses. But because they are so common, some people look for interesting new ways to style them. And one new gallery wall trend is to extend the art over entryways

Rather than having the gallery wall stop short at the door frame, interior designers and amateur decorators alike are nailing paintings, prints, and posters over their doors to create a bigger impact. And what an impact it makes.

Here, inspiring examples that will have you second guessing that empty space above your door. 

Jumbo appeal with jumbo paintings

Using large paintings and prints instead of smaller ones is trending right now, and that includes the art that goes over the doorway. Hanging a series of XL paintings over an  entryway is not only unexpected, but it makes the room feel enveloped in art.

In a tight nook

If you’re hesitant about playing with this trend, then dip a toe into it by trying it out on the small wall between two doors (or a window and a door). Fill that space with maps and art of your choosing, and then extend just a frame or two over the door. If you like the aesthetic, you can eventually add more frames over the doorway.

Credit: Liz Morrow

A splash of color

Interior designer Liz Morrow didn’t have a lot of space to hang art in her house, but she had a lot of prints, so she decided to create one huge gallery wall in her dining room. She painted the wall black to make the art further pop, and then extended the frames over the entryway to utilize the small wall-hanging space she had.

An unbroken gallery wall

If your gallery wall is featured on an entry wall, then create a bold statement by extending the photographs and frames over the entry and across the entire wall. It will create a bold visual statement, and will allow you to showcase photographs along with art since you have so much surface area to work with.

Small frames

If you don’t have much space between the top of your door frame and the ceiling, then utilize those small frames gathering dust in your closet and hang them over the entry. Using small frames is a great way to showcase small prints, postcards, and family photos.

Use the same frames

Some people shy away from gallery walls because they feel a little too busy, but you can create order by using a common frame throughout the design. This New York studio dweller’s apartment features a door-framing gallery wall that feels organized and cohesive, thanks to thick black frames.

Credit: Katie Machin

Kitchen art

Dining and living rooms aren’t the only places you can incorporate gallery walls. You can create them in kitchens, too. Katie Machin, a UK artist, created a mini gallery wall just over the doorway. She used three large prints over the fridge and door to pull the eye upwards and make the space feel bigger.