Get The Look: Iron Man/Tony Stark's Man Cave

Get The Look: Iron Man/Tony Stark's Man Cave

Jason Yang
Sep 27, 2011

You may have drooled along with us at Tony Stark's dream garage and workshop. Turns out some of the tech is actually quite achievable. Unfortunately we don't mean the fantastical suit of armor, fanciful interactive 3D user interface, the sports cars, or the kickass space. But there's plenty of daily tech in use that is quite attainable. Come check out Iron Man's man cave!

Tony Stark's workspace is a man's dream realized for the movies. Aside from the million dollar car collection, this super hero's space is packed with all sorts of bleeding edge tech, both real and imaginary. Much of the tech is movie magic, such as the 3D interface he uses while he interacts audibly with Jarvis, his super intelligent computer assitstant. He's also using one of those mystical movie computer interfaces that lets you do whatever you want with fancy screens for every command. However some of it's real live tech that you can go out and buy yourself. Check out Iron Man's workspace and get the look for yourself!

Get Tony Stark's Workspace Look:

1) Tony's rocking two massive 30" Apple Cinema Displays as his primary displays. The aluminum versions he's using are no longer available for sale new but you can get a refurbished one direct from Apple for $1,300. Apple's new $1,000 LED Cinema Display is only 27" but is also available in Thunderbolt form.

2) Behind him are a bevy of what appears to be Dell LCD monitors. We'll venture a guess that they are the Dell 3007WFP 30" LCD monster.

Tony's garage is also filled with half a dozen flat screen TVs and Dell rack-mount servers.

Tony's keyboard is a conceptual display keyboard projected onto the work surface. In reality there's some fun laser keyboards that do the same thing/similar!

At his corporate office he appears to be using a Dell XPS mobile concept.

In Iron Man 2, Tony Stark upgrades to futuristic see-through monitors and other conceptual technology, but that's for another episode of Get The Look when tech catches up to movie concepts.

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Images: Marvel

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