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56 Delightful Gift Ideas Under $10

updated Nov 6, 2023
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I don’t know about you, but my holiday list is long. Of course, there are the usual suspects like my kids, husband, parents, and in-laws. The big gifts are easy to figure out for them, but I always like to have a few small surprises to use as stocking stuffers or a little something to get a smile out of them even on the seventh night of Hanukkah (yeah, we celebrate ALL the holidays). But there’s also a whole subset of people I like to give a token of my appreciation to — without breaking the bank.

Here you’ll find my go-to gifts for my mail person, date-night sitter, coworkers, and all the other people that made it onto my nice list. Give thesethoughtful picks on their own, or pair them with a larger gift if you like. They’re all under $10, so you may want to snag a few extras in case you accidentally leave someone off your list and need to wrap something up at the last minute. Happy gifting!

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Rifle Paper Co.

These embroidered monogram patches are a charming way for someone to personalize just about anything, from a phone case to a backpack. They have an adhesive packing, or they can be sewed on.

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Williams Sonoma

Santa makes instant hot cocoa jollier with these hot chocolate bombs. This marshmallow-filled treat is an easy gift-giving win.

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From our partner
Five Below

Mushroom lamps are having a moment and one of our favorites is this super affordable find from Five Below. From a distance, the lamp appears to be a tall, glass mushroom or a water carafe. But as you get closer to it, a simple tap on its head triggers a multicolor feature your giftee is sure to adore. Once it’s on, you can expect to see colors like red, yellow, purple, blue, and green to set the mood in a similar fashion to LED strip lights.

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Make someone's electronics tangle tidier — and a whole lot more chic — with this acrylic cord manager. This handy organizer holds up to three cords.

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This highly-rated soy candle has a subtle yet unique scent that transports you wandering endless aisles of bookshelves. With scents of mahogany, leather and coffee, it gives a sweet, cozy blend of earthy fragrance that makes you feel calm and relaxed.

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was $16.99

Love candles? This sleek-looking electric candle lighter has a smart design that prevents it from short circuiting. When you light a candle, its electric arc automatically turns off after seven seconds so you don't need to worry about flame and butane. It comes with a USB cable making it convenient to charge anytime, anywhere.

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Add a fun pop of color to any party with these square-shaped multicolor coasters. An ideal gift for anyone who loves country artist Dolly Parton, these coasters feature bright pink tones on one side and famous Parton's quotes and photos on the other side. Sold in packs of eight, they help protect your table or party surface.

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Give a little at-home spa therapy with this invigorating body soap. Papaya and grapefruit extracts gently exfoliate dead skin cells, and oatmeal leaves skin soothed and refreshed. We love the fresh scent, too.

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Just Spices

Give your avocados a new layer of taste. Blended with black sesame, mild chili and crunchy salt crystals, guacamole lovers will find this avocado topping unique and flavorful. Just a pinch of this spice mix adds bold flavor and satisfying crunch to your avocado dishes, as well as sandwiches, salads, and bowls.

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Williams Sonoma

Those with a small kitchen at home will love this Dash mini waffle maker. Its compact design lets you store it easily and its nonstick aluminium surface helps you clean it quickly. Just plug it in, add batter, and close the lid; watch out for the indicator light as it heats up fast.

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was $9.99

Disco is best in small doses, and these mini disco balls deliver the perfect amount of throwback flair. Hang one in the home office so you're always ready for a boogie break!

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From our partner
was $20.00

It doesn't get much sweeter than this 5" Hershey Kiss-shaped candy dish from Godinger. The elegantly-crafted crystal bowl is durable and chic, bringing a fun touch to your home decor or a thoughtful gift. The full collection includes additional colors like gold, blue, red, and clear crystal.

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Anyone with AirPods wishes they already had this case. Now you can make their wishes come true. Best of all, the cute patterns cover up any existing scratches — like magic!

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Bouclé has been big in home decor over the past few years, but this is the most affordable and versatile way to tap into the trend. The soft, loopy fabric is ideal for a cozy pair of socks.

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was $14.95

You won't find another completely personalized gift that looks this nice and still costs less than $10. Your choice of gold, silver, or matte black lettering to reflect your giftee's style.

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We all have that one friend or coworker who always seems to knock their glass over or have a little dribble of something on their shirt. Help them out with this pocket-sized stain remover specially formulated to work extra hard on tannin-rich blotches from wine, beets, pomegranates, grass, blood, and more.

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Kawaii Pen Shop
was $5.99

Surprise your most organized friend with something they can really appreciate: beautiful stickers they can use to color-code their to-do list, organize their journal, or even seal an envelope.

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Kawaii Pen Shop
was $7.99

Help your pals keep their lightning cord in tip-top shape a little longer than usual. These adorable animal-shaped charger protectors are designed to fit type-C USB cables and will help prevent the usual breaks that happen in one of your most-used accessories.

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You should never clean cast iron with a soapy sponge, as it will ruin the pan’s natural seasoning. I’m sure your food-loving friend who made you that awesome dinner last week knows this, which is why they’ll appreciate this scrubber. Made of stainless steel chainmail, all you need is a little water to get even the toughest grease off of your pots and pans.

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If you're gifting someone who cooks and bakes a lot, this multi-purpose GIR silicone spoonula comes in very handy. Part spoon, part spatula, it scrapes, scoops, and serves up any dishes well.

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If you know, you know. And if not, I’m telling you. This fill-in journal went viral on TikTok earlier this year for a reason that might surprise you: it encourages users to stop scrolling and spend more time self-reflecting. Surely you know someone who needs to take that advice, right?

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This moisturizing cleanser has a subtle fresh scent and it won’t sting your eyes when you’re using it to help remove mascara. This mini size is perfect to slip into a gym bag, or someone’s holiday stocking.

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Surprise your favorite wanderer with a personalized aluminum tag. No immediate travel plans? That’s OK — they can use it for their gym bag or anything else they want to mark as their own.

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Know a bookworm who still reads the old-fashioned way? Like books made of actual paper? If so, these adorable sprout bookmarks are the perfect pick for them to help keep their place.

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Let’s face it, most people could pay a little bit more attention to their self-care routine. Encourage the ones you love about most to actually take care of themselves with this cult-favorite clay face mask.

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The perfect gift for your office bestie who always remembers to pick up a cake (and candles) for your coworkers’ birthdays, this cute design will also be easy to spot in a messy desk drawer.

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Little Obsessed

Treat your gym buddy to this stack of clever cards. Each boasts its own workout move that they can mix and match into their routine to make the ultimate workout.

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Many people have stopped using disposable straws. Now it’s time to do the same with utensils. This fork/spoon combo makes a great gift for your work lunch buddy or a great stocking stuffer for your camping-loving sibling.

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I like to think my mom’s old saying of “happiness is a new box of crayons” applies to a new set of watercolor paints as well. This one from Michaels has 24 assorted shades for only $3.59. It’s a thoughtful gift for kids or an invitation for your grown-up friends to get artsy in their downtime. Plus, they're washable, making clean-up much easier.

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For the Lululemon-loving yogi in your life, this $8 scrunchie is just the thing. It’s great for workouts or lounging around the house. And the polyester material is 100 percent recycled. Hazy Jade is a nice blue-green shade, but there are lots of colors to choose from, including black, white, blue, camo, and ballet slipper pink.

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Grove Collaborative

Essential oils have been super popular lately. When selecting one for someone else, try to choose a scent with qualities you personally like. If you’re not sure, I’d say orange essential oil is a good place to start. It energizes, lifts your mood, and reduces stress, which is good for fighting off those wintertime doldrums. This one from Grove Collaborative is 100 percent essential oil cold-pressed from fresh orange peels.

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This shower jelly jiggles like a holiday jello mold but smells like a heavenly basket of winter citrus. So fun, so sweet.

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was $5.39

I’m at a loss when thinking of any dog toy that could be better than a plush Lamb Chop from the nostalgic ‘90s preschool show Lamb Chop's Play-Along. So ‘90s! The mini- or regular-sized versions of Lamb Chop will make some pup very happy.

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was $9.99

As the perfect desk accessory for you or a friend working from home, this scalp massager offers a welcome way to break up the day in between Zoom meetings. It gives you a zap of relaxation in the form of a head scratch and doesn't get tangled up in long hair, either. The agreeable price tag on this handy device is just an added bonus.

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Bubble Goods

There’s probably nothing better than unwrapping a bar of craft chocolate. It’s something that people wouldn’t normally splurge on for themselves — and there are plenty of funky flavors to sample. Black lava salt from Hawaii and turmeric from India? Yes, please. Plus, these ayurveda-inspired ones by Elements Truffles are dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, and paleo so you can indulge with abandon.

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Honest Co.

The Honest Co. has lots of great products, but I was surprised to learn just how wide their selection of cosmetics is. (And they’re affordable, too.) This natural vegan tinted lip balm is just $8.99. It provides subtle color, which you can build on for more intensity, and it lasts up to 8 hours. “Dragon fruit” looks extra bright and cheery.

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was $2.69

If you’ve got a friend who can’t resist buying yet another plant to add to their collection at home, this cute sticker with plants — a fiddle-leaf fig and a snake plant — in a shopping cart is a thoughtful little gift. It’s a high-quality, water-resistant sticker with a matte finish for them to place on anything from laptops to water bottles.

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Introduce anyone who needs a good stretch to the benefits of resistance bands with a gentle set that’s ideal for beginners.

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Burke Decor

Make someone’s to-do list or reminder notes stand out. With fun colors and unexpected shapes, these sticky notes will definitely pop whenever they get stuck.

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Sur La Table
was $10.95

A great knife for under $10? It sounds too good to be true. With an ergonomic design and a blade that prevents food from sticking to it, this kitchen workhorse will quickly become your gift recipient's go-to gadget.

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Eastern Mountain Sports

Make sure your adventure-loving buddy is prepared for anything. This tiny first-aid tin is jam-packed with an impressive amount of supplies to help treat bites, scrapes, and more mishaps that can happen in the wild.

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The Sock Drawer

Obviously meant for a dog-lover, this truth-speaking pouch is the ideal size to stash a few snack bars, hold makeup, or hide a few treats for a four-legged friend.

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Lolli & Pops

You may not gain any new friends, but you’ll certainly make things a lot more interesting at your office secret Santa gift exchange with this fiery pick. It’s time to see if Bill in accounting can handle the heat.

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Refrain from using single-use plastic bags and go for this resusable snack bag instead. Not only it can be used for snacks and sandwiches, this water-resistant snack bag is also ideal for storing cord and chargers, makeup, keys, pacifiers, and even spare change.

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Eucalyptus and mint are a thoroughly calming combination. Along with palm-free oils and vitamins, using this single bar of soap can feel almost as invigorating as a spa treatment.

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Make sure the people on your list never run out of lip balm. With cocoa butter, coconut oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil, and vitamin E, this balm is ultra-replenishing. Remember to grab one for yourself, too!

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These mini hand sanitizers do what other hand sanitizers don't: moisturize! Through a blend of aloe vera and lemon essential oil, each spray leaves your hands clean and nourished. Comes in 14 different scents — including unscented!

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was $15.90

This compact mirror easily fits on a vanity or inside a locker, and its naturalistic shape makes it more stylish than standard mirrors. And because it's made from acrylic, it's super durable.

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Sweets make the sweetest gifts. Help a friend reconnect with their inner child with these Jelly Belly in fun Krispy Kreme donut flavors. Can the taste of a Krispy Kreme translate into a Jelly Belly? You'll have to try to find out.

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Furnish a friend’s cutlery drawer with one (or a pair) of these reliable serrated knifes. You never realize it’s time to replace a knife until you use a new one. And your friend will never be more thankful for the reminder!

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Cut down on excess drinking glass clutter with these handy marking bands. They're a timely gift for holiday-hosting friends and a year-round essential for anyone with young children. Matching wristbands make them 100 percent foolproof!

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Yankee Candle

Yankee Candles are popular for a reason: their scents always deliver a new yet familiarly pleasant aroma. Warm Luxe Cashmere has notes of vanilla and sandalwood, which appeals to most candle lovers.

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Bath bombs are a reminder to make time for self-care, and everyone on your list can appreciate that. This delightful gift was created by a pair of teenage "sisterpreneurs," so your purchase supports a small business. And don't worry if your giftee doesn't have a bathtub; they can break off a piece for a rejuvenating foot soak!

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Urban Outfitters
was $14.00

Colorful claw clips are back and better than ever. (Though they technically never went away in our '90s-loving hearts.)

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was $8.99

The first step to losing a necklace or earring when you're traveling is to set it down basically anywhere. This little box zips up tight to prevent that completely. And its got enough compartments even for someone who likes to have a lot of jewelry options.

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was $10.95

The 2024 Old Farmer's Almanac is for someone who's curious about anything. Want to know the best fishing days, the latest fashion trends, and notable astronomical events? This handy yellow book contains information, fun facts, and predictions — all in the inimitable Almanac style that has charmed and educated readers since 1972.