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20 Perfect Gifts for People Who Love to Learn

published Oct 29, 2020
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Even long past their school days, some people just love to learn. They’re the ones who tuck into a documentary on weekends, who always have a new book to read, and who are always looking to develop a new skill or hobby. Great news: There are tons of perfect picks for these brainiacs at every price point. Here, 20 smart picks that start at just $15.

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The front and back covers of this cute color-blocked notebook can feature custom text, which makes for a special touch. Inside, you can choose either plain, lined, or dotted paper.

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A beautiful notebook needs a beautiful pen. This set of three features inspirational Frank Lloyd Wright quotes set on a gorgeous geometric background.

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This kit is perfect for your pal who can watch handwriting TikToks for hours. It comes with a pen and nib, a pot of ink, and two downloadable worksheets to start learning the craft of modern calligraphy.

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A subscription to MasterClass gets you access to over 85 classes from bonafide experts, covering everything from cooking to writing to architecture.

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Blue Apron
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Book of the Month

For those who love to learn, there's almost nothing more exciting than a getting a new book. Book of the Month sends one book per month, with a choice between a few different genres, from thrillers to non-fiction to historical fiction and more, so you're not stuck with something you've already read. Subscription options start at three months.

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Blue Bottle Coffee

Your favorite bookworm needs some caffeine to fuel their page-turning. This gift box features three crowd-pleasing varieties in perfect sampling size 6-ounce bags.

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If they're a tea person, go for variety with a gift box filled with 40 tea bags in eight different types.

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Uncommon Goods

Got a loved one who can't help but shout out the twist to any movie you watch together? Give them this book of 20 little mysteries to solve so they can channel their inner Sherlock.

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Home Depot

Podcasts sound fine coming from your phone, but they'll sound even better coming from this smart speaker. In addition to premium sound, it also has all the functionality of Google Assistant—and comes in pretty colors like sage, light pink, and this soft sky blue.

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was $16.00

Small embroidery kits are a non-intimidating intro to a new winter-friendly hobby. And at less than $20 a pop, you can afford to give a few (and keep one for yourself, too).

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Murray's Cheese

Classes range from learning how to make mozzarella to learning how to pair wine and cheese. Murray's mails the necessary components for the class to your doorstep in advance, so you have everything you need to follow along virtually—perfect for those who are literally hungry for knowledge.

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They may not be toting their laptop to and from work as much these days, but protection is still key (even around the house). This puffy laptop sleeve is cushiony but still cute, and comes in a range of whimsical colors and patterns.

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For a fun take on board games, try these escape-rooms-in-a-box. Various difficulty levels suit all ages (and experience levels) and the games are full of brain-boosting riddles and puzzles.

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A splurge, sure, but anyone who wants to while away the day with a book and some quiet tunes couldn't ask for a better noise-canceling setup. These wireless over-ear headphones come in classic black or sleek silver and last up to 20 hours on a single charge.

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Uncommon Goods

This one's for the science aficionados: 21 illustrated cards show you how to pull off seemingly impossible tasks (think: hammering a needle through a coin) and explain the science behind them.

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The Crafter's Box

For seasoned DIYers looking for a new challenge, The Crafter's Box offers a new kit and corresponding class every month. Members can choose among a few each month, so they're not stuck with something they've done before.

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If your loved one is missing museums, this coffee table book might help scratch that itch. It's packed with interesting knowledge about—and beautiful illustrations of—plants and flowers from around the world.

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This little kit comes with everything you need to knit a scarf, including a (very beginner-friendly) pattern and yarn in your choice of 26 pretty colors.

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This e-reader can store thousands of books, which makes it a great gift for your favorite book-lover who's also short on space. In addition to classic black, it also comes in pretty mauve, blue, and sage colors.