This Glamping Pod Has Literal Sheep You Can Count To Have a Good Night’s Rest

published Oct 7, 2022
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Credit: Shaiith/Shutterstock

If you can’t sleep and counting sheep in your head hasn’t worked, a glamping spot in England has a new and improved method: counting actual sheep.

Sleep tech company Emma has announced they are opening the Shleep Sanctuary, a glass dome where two guests can see unobstructed views of the night sky, as well as count the numerous sheep roaming the English countryside.

Aside from taking inventory of the local sheep population, guests can also do activities like participating in guided yoga, enjoying a farm-to-table breakfast, and indulging in a dinner under the stars.

Credit: Emma Sleep

According to the company, the idea for the dome came after they conducted a poll and found that 44 percent of 2,000 adults surveyed had trouble sleeping this year. Dr. Dennis Schmoltzi, CEO at Emma, explained: 

“The power of a good night’s sleep can’t be underestimated, and it’s clear the nation needs it now more than ever… Counting sheep is more than an old wives’ tale — it’s a tried-and-tested visualization technique that Brits are relying on to send them to sleep.”

Theresa Schnorbach, sleep scientist at Emma, agreed: “Imaginative distraction is also an effective cognitive strategy to help sleep, where you imagine a pleasant and relaxing image in as much detail as you possibly can — like counting fluffy sheep as they jump over a fence.”

She concluded: “The aim is to use as much cognitive capacity as possible so that worrying thoughts are suppressed… Studies show this not only shortens the time it takes to fall asleep but also improves sleep quality.”

The Shleep Sanctuary opens in summer 2023. Emma will hold a competition to see who gets to stay at the dome. You can learn more about joining here.