Google Doodle Honors the Bauhaus Movement with a Minimalist Rolling Art Show

published Apr 12, 2019
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(Image credit: Jannis Tobias Werner/Shutterstock)

Today marks one hundred years since the German art school Bauhaus opened its doors. While it only remained functioning for 14 years, Bauhaus’s impact on unifying art, craft, and technology through design remains one of the most influential movements to this day—and now, it has its own Google Doodle.

When you press play on the Doodle, the animated art show starts rolling to life, complete with objects created by Bauhaus moving in a simple, minimalist fashion. This demonstration reflects the impact the school had on the world of design itself, which advocated for the merging of minimalism with 20th century mass production techniques.

Founded by German architect Walter Gropius in 1919, Bauhaus served to strengthen the relationship between massively produced objects and functional design and, as a result, improve people’s living conditions. “Let us therefore create a new guild of craftsmen, free of the divisive class pretensions that endeavored to raise a prideful barrier between craftsmen and artists,” said Gropius. “Let us strive for, conceive and create the new building of the future that will unite every discipline, architecture and sculpture and painting, and which will one day rise heavenwards from the million hands of craftsmen as a clear symbol of a new belief to come.”

Alongside students and teachers, Gropius built the Dessau University building between 1925 and 1926 to bring this arts and crafts movement to life. Although they only occupied Dessau for less than a decade due to political pressure during WWI, the minds and ideas that were brought together during that short time made an international impact. And today, the Dessau building exists as a World Heritage site, representing the global influence the Bauhaus had that has impacted life today.

So today’s Google Doodle is much more than moving images that show functioning items in a minimalist way. It celebrates a great institution that forever melded the manufacturing of objects and functional design together, resulting in the progression of modern art.