Watch How This TikToker Transformed Her All-White House Into a Moody Goth Dream

published Feb 17, 2023
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Witchcraft, dark magic, candles with ritual book

All-white interiors can feel crisp and bright, but they can sometimes feel a bit, well, boring. One TikToker is combating neutral fatigue by transforming their completely white home into a moody goth abode, and while black walls might not be for everyone, they definitely make a unique and stunning statement you won’t see in most homes.

In a recent video, TikTok user @themoodyhaus showed off the “how it started” of their home, which included pretty standard stark white walls, gray doors, and gray finishings in the kitchen. They then debuted a dreamy goth makeover, showing off all-black walls and intricate details like antique-inspired fixtures, centerpieces, and decor and red mood lighting in the bathroom, offering up a spooky Victorian vibe throughout.

Commenters were certainly intrigued by the updates the homeowner made to their space. “If people are going to take old builds and turn them into beige farmhouse nightmares, we can turn new builds into potentially dracula’s lair 😂” one person wrote. Multiple people called it their “dream house,” and one wrote: “That is how I want my house to be if I can ever afford one.”

When asked where they got such unique, goth-inspired decor, the owner replied that they scored much of it via thrifting and on Facebook Marketplace.

In a follow-up video dubbed “Valentine’s Day but make it moody,” the homeowners showed off their fittingly dark and brooding Valentine’s tablescape, which naturally included plenty of red roses, candles, skulls, and spiderwebs, and even a glimpse at their pet, a black cat who fits right at home in their new luxe digs.

If you’re curious about black walls and want to give them a try, @themoodyhaus shared that they used Sherwin-Williams’ Tricorn Black, a true black hue that would work in just about any room. And yes, you can still keep your gray finishes if you like. There’s room to appreciate any and all neutral hues here.