This Grandma Raving About Her First IKEA Trip Is Pure Joy

published Aug 11, 2023
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Credit: FotograFFF/Shutterstock

Going to IKEA is an event unrivaled by just about any shopping experience on the block, with so much to try and buy (and eat, of course) at every turn. If you remember your first trip to IKEA, you’ll no doubt understand the sheer unbridled joy of this TikToker’s grandmother who was so delighted by her first trip to the iconic home store that she immediately got in the car to call a friend to discuss it all.

TikTok user Lydia Shafer shared the joyful video back in 2021 and it’s making the rounds again. In the clip, Shafer calls her sweet grandma an “IKEA influencer,” and when you watch it, you’ll understand why.

Sitting in the car post-shopping trip to the retailer’s Pittsburgh location, Grandma can be seen calling her friend Peg. “Oh, all I can think of is, Peg, you would love it. You have got to come down.” Grandma even shares that she asked a store associate for some “paperwork” to share with her friend, but they sadly didn’t have any, so she volunteered her granddaughter to write down the address for Peg.

“Everything that you would ever want for your house is there. Decorating, artificial flowers, real ones, pillows, and all. Yep, everything.”

Grandma was also delighted by the affordable price points, sharing that she scored a shower curtain liner for half the price of what she’d have to pay at Walmart and a new rug to replace the outdoor one from Peg that her cat destroyed for just $4.99. 

“It’s just unbelievable,” she mused.

Of course, commenters on both posts were loving her enthusiasm. On Shafer’s original post, one person wrote: “She’s gonna rave about you and this IKEA trip for weeks. What a sweet moment. The way she gets excited makes me miss my grandmother. Cherish her.” Another called it “word of mouth marketing in its prime.” Yet another jokingly asked, “Who’s gonna tell her about putting the furniture together?”