5 Pieces of Grandparent-Approved Decor Advice

published Jan 1, 2023
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Grandparents have lived through enough decades, trends, and often different homes that they can offer perspective that younger people don’t quite have yet. They’ve seen current decor become vintage, and vintage hand-me-downs turn into storied antiques

Below, 14 people share the best pieces of home and decor advice they received from their grandparents — and that they continue to share and honor. While styles evolve and move in and out of fashion, timeless advice is always relevant. 

1. Bust out your nice dishes every day.

“My grandmother was a true believer in using all the rooms in your home, and enjoying your nice silverware and china every day — not saving it for special occasions. It definitely gave me the perspective to really fully enjoy your home every day and not be afraid to give your furniture or family heirlooms that well-loved patina that gives pieces lots of character.” Kevin

3. You can’t go wrong with black, so…

4. Design a home you can actually live in.

“One important piece of advice my grandmother Lee Bogart shared with me is that you should always make your home livable — make your home work for your family and not your family work around your home. She was a well-known interior decorator (she decorated the country home of the former head of Condé Nast) and someone who had the most exquisite taste. She always insisted on using true, clear colors for paint, to showcase the room, and using the best materials you can afford because you won’t have to replace them so frequently, or ever.” Sarah

Credit: Minette Hand

5. One word: mirrors.

“One can never have too many hanging mirrors! Makes any room feel bigger.” Ruth