This TikToker Built a Greenhouse Kitchen for Their Converted Shed Home

published May 23, 2023
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Credit: a40757/Shutterstock

When John and Fin, the creators behind the @belovedcabin TikTok account, decided to move into a 12×30-foot converted shed, they knew they’d have to make some seriously smart design choices. And ultimately, that meant moving their kitchen outside and building a greenhouse around it.

John and Fin had already been living in their converted shed for about a decade before breaking ground on the greenhouse project earlier this year. This addition nearly doubled the amount of space they had in their tiny home and allowed a lot of natural light to enter the space.

They even had enough room at the end of the kitchen greenhouse to build raised beds for a protected kitchen garden and a fish pond. And obviously, the couple knows a thing or two about how to nail eclectic design. 

Before building the greenhouse kitchen, John and Fin had already tried the greenhouse design plan with their bathroom, which has a full-size tub and composting toilet installed in it. And after achieving success, they knew they could tackle a larger-scale project.

One of the biggest reasons John and Fin are able to pull off living in a greenhouse is the fact that they live in a mild climate area in Georgia. 

When they were asked in the comments of their viral video if the space gets hot and muggy during the summer, the couple responded, “Actually, it’s not hot. We’re in AG Zone 8A … mild summers and mild winters. We built our greenhouse bathroom years ago and knew it wouldn’t be hot.”

They do have air-circulating vents on either end of the greenhouse and air vents running the entire length of the space, but there’s no need for air conditioning, thanks to the shady trees and mild weather.

You probably didn’t know you could have a greenhouse kitchen until right now, but after seeing what John and Fin created, a greenhouse kitchen is now high on the dream board.