The $6 Stain Remover Spray That Got Red Wine Stains Out of My Favorite Pants

published Jul 14, 2023
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Glass of red wine on off-white tablecloth. There are wine stains on the tablecloth fabric, and a wine bottle can be seen in the upper right corner
Credit: Photo: Sidney Bensimon; Prop Styling: Anna Surbatovich

I’ve always loved clothes, but in recent years, I’ve made it my sartorial mission to only buy high-quality garments that’ll hold up well far into the future. It’s been rewarding to watch my old fast fashion pieces gradually get replaced by more luxurious clothes that I truly love. The only downside? Whereas I used to just throw my H&M shirts and skirts in the washer and hope they’d come out looking alright, I now have to be much more diligent about taking good care of my apparel. My biggest tip is to always keep a good stain remover on hand — not exactly a secret — and immediately spray your garments if they happen to get soiled. For a long time, I used Shout, mainly because it’s easy to find in just about any supermarket. But a few months ago, I got the chance to try this one by Grove Co., and I’ve found it to be much more effective. In a couple of instances, it was downright life-changing. (If you’re a fellow fashion-lover, you’ll know I’m not being hyperbolic.)

What is the Grove Co. Stain Remover Spray?

Unlike many other stain removers on the market, this one is made only with plant-derived ingredients and therefore contains zero harsh chemicals. As a result, it’s completely non-toxic. To be honest, I was initially concerned that because of its formulation, the Grove Co. stain remover wouldn’t work. I’ve never shied away from using heavy-duty household cleaners and even bleach for washing white clothes. In my mind, their headache-inducing smells were a sign that the dirt and grime would unequivocally be removed from my garments and home surfaces. But after only a couple of uses of the Grove Co. spray, I saw that it’s just as good, if not better, at removing all kinds of stains — food, sweat, blood, you name it. Plus, it’s fragrance-free, so if you’re sensitive to smells, you’ll definitely appreciate that.

Credit: Grove Co.

Why I love the Grove Co. Stain Remover Spray

As I said, this stuff works. I’ve found it most helpful on my white socks, which always get those stubborn gray stains on the bottom after I spend a couple of days walking around NYC in my sneakers. I used to hand-wash them, spending a long time scrubbing each sock over the sink but never really achieving satisfactory results. Now, I just spray this stain remover on each sock, let it sit for about 10 minutes, and throw the socks in the washer. Those pesky gray stains (and, in some cases, blood from ankle blisters) lift every time.

But my love for the stain remover was fully realized after a night of too much wine. In short, I spilled some on my light beige trousers — a treasured vintage find that fits me just right. The next morning, I awoke from my drunken stupor to find my favorite pair of pants splotched with dried red wine in multiple spots — talk about exacerbating a hangover. Quickly, I sprayed them down with the stain remover, let them sit, and rinsed the pants under the sink. The wine stains lifted right out like it was nothing! Now, my trousers are blemish-free, and you’d best believe I never skip a chance to use my Grove Co. spray, no matter how benign the stain might seem.