This TikToker Turned Fake Grass into a Wildly Cute Hair Clip Holder

published Apr 25, 2023
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Credit: Studio Firma/Stocksy

Are you tired of shoving all of your hair claw clips into the same old storage bin in your closet? Well, you’re in luck, because TikTok has an unexpected solution for you. 

In recent weeks, DIY enthusiasts have flocked to Target’s Bullseye’s Playground (née Dollar Spot) to pick up four $3 faux shrub squares. Hang them all on the wall, add your claw clips, and voila! You’ve got a cute claw clip storage solution that also adds a pop of greenery to your wall.

The DIY hack blew up online after TikTok content creator Taylor Pullan (@taytayymarie) shared the idea in an April 11 video.

“Look how freaking cute,” she said at the end of the clip, admiring her work. For $12 this is the perfect way to keep your claw clips organized.”

Taylor’s creative approach soon went viral. At the time of writing, her original video has over 149,400 likes and more than 1.1 million views.

“Claw clip garden!” one TikToker commented. “I love this especially because I have big flower claw clips.”

While some viewers worried about the faux shrubs attracting spiders, other commenters offered solutions to avoid unwanted bugs, such as spraying the shrub squares with peppermint oil or tea tree oil.

In the days since Taylor first shared her video, plenty of other TikTokers have shared their success with DIY claw clip gardens in similarly popular videos, including users Birdie Wood (@thriftyweenqueen) and Sky (@skylyrh). 

Sky also took time to share a few additional videos about her process, explaining that she used thumb tacks to hang up her greenery squares. She also took a commenter’s suggestion and framed the claw garden using a golden frame from Goodwill and a bit of hot glue.