This Haunting Oakland Rental House’s Decor Will Get You Ready for Spooky Season

published Oct 1, 2021

This Haunting Oakland Rental House’s Decor Will Get You Ready for Spooky Season

published Oct 1, 2021
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Name: Vincent Maddox, partner Grey Starr, and dog Ghost, plus four awesome housemates
Location: Oakland, California
Size: 1,622 square feet
Type of Home: House
Years lived in: 4 years, renting

Vincent Maddox, who you may know as Halloween Herbivore on Instagram, admits you can probably tell which house is theirs from the outside. “The front of our house sticks out, despite every home in the neighborhood being built to match,” they write. “A Pride flag waving above the archway, spiderwebs (real and fake) clutching the hedges, and a row of hanging jack-o-lanterns leading to our front door give us away!”

Vincent says that they’ve been into spooky decor since childhood, and that the home they share with their partner, their dog, and a handful of housemates always has scary decor year-round, but things get extra eerie for the spooky season. It’s a great backdrop for how they enjoy spending time in their home. “We enjoy cozying up with a scary movie, rewatching favorites like ‘Evil Dead 2,’ ‘Scream,’ or ‘Trick ‘r Treat,’ Vincent describes. “I can often be found rearranging furniture and displays, while my partner works away in their music studio. We love having parties, which of course has been on pause due to the pandemic. Hosting is a lot of fun, and we have plenty of room to celebrate all the birthdays and Halloween-ified holidays. Last year on Halloween, we decked out our backyard with a DIY pumpkin patch, large inflatables, and a spooky spread to share with two friends from a safe distance while we watched monster movies on a projector.”

Along with sharing snippets of their own Halloween-inspired home decor on their Instagram account, Vincent’s page is also a great resource for those on the hunt for their own spine-chilling home decorations (they’ve even got a story highlight of Halloween decor they’ve been spotting in stores this year).

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: My style has fluctuated over the years, but I have always been drawn to spooky decor. Vintage-inspired Halloween on one side, with a romantic gothic twist on the other. I like to think of it as an Edwardian-era vampire meets a 1960s ghost hunter meets a modern day maximalist.

Inspiration: The goal has always been to feel like I’m in a haunted house straight out of “The Munsters” with my own flair added.

When did you first start decorating your home in Halloween style? How long have you been decorating like this? I still have pieces from my childhood! I’ve always been interested in Halloween decor and started fully decorating at 18 when I got my own place. My collection has grown from there.

Does your home look like this year ‘round? If not, when do you start decorating like this in prep for the holiday? I leave up my favorite pieces year-round and use my kitchen wares every day. My space is consistently spooky, but I really crank it up during the summer when I’m itching for Halloween.

What does your roommate/partner/family/friends think about your Halloween house tour style? My partner is also very into Halloween. I don’t think I could be with someone who wasn’t! They would simply go mad. The same goes for my friends, most of which I met through social media because they share the same love for Halloween.

Do you have any favorite tips/hacks/stores for finding cool and/or affordable Halloween home decor? Thrifting is a big one! I’ve found some really unique pieces at secondhand stores. There is a small town near me that is basically a big strip of antique and thrift stores. They go all out for Halloween. You can find cool vintage pieces that way too, even things to DIY to fit your style.

Favorite Element: My favorite thing about my home is my orange chair. I’m a sucker for velvet furniture and I found this one, in the perfect shade of orange, on Craigslist.

Biggest Challenge: The biggest challenge is renting, so we can’t go completely wild with renovations or paint certain areas.

Biggest Indulgence: I indulge in mugs. I probably have over 30 Halloween mugs. I don’t think I’ll ever stop buying them.

Finally, what’s your absolute best home secret or decorating advice? If you can’t paint your walls or want an easy accent wall, hang up a thick tablecloth or two. I did this for an accent wall and I always get so many compliments! It cost me under $20 for two large tablecloths.



  • Bedroom — Glidden “Night Watch” Flat
  • Music Studio — Glidden “Royal Iris” Flat
  • Music Studio — Benjamin Moore “Black Satin” Flat


  • Graves — Dollar Tree & Party City
  • Pumpkin Pathway Lights — Dollar Tree
  • Pumpkin Buckets — Target
  • Skeleton/Body Parts — Spirit Halloween


  • Candy Corn Pillow — Bed, Bath & Beyond
  • Trick or Treat Pillow — Ross
  • Blankets — Home Goods
  • Pitch Black Tree — Treetopia
  • Pumpkin Buckets — Vintage
  • Hand Painted Ribbons — Skelly Paper Co.
  • Felt Garland — Michael’s
  • Tray — IKEA
  • Masks — Spirit Halloween
  • Haunted Houses on mantel — Michael’s
  • Tarot Artwork on mantel — Yosiell Lorenzo
  • Ceramic Pumpkin on mantel — Joann Fabrics
  • Ceramic Jack-o-lantern on mantel — Thrifted


  • Large Framed Artwork — M.C.Escher “Circle Limit IV”
  • Orange Velvet Chair — Thrifted
  • Side Table — IKEA
  • Pumpkin Pillow — Ross
  • Round Satin Pillow — Ross
  • Pumpkin Blanket — Home Goods
  • Skull Candelabra — TJ Maxx
  • Pumpkins — Trader Joe’s
  • Candle — Bath & Body Works
  • Framed Loki Artwork — Bat in Your Belfry
  • Framed Tarot Artwork — Pretty Cult
  • Sconce- Vintage
  • Shelf — IKEA
  • Shelf Contents — Alligator Head — New Orleans Gift Shop, Velvet Pumpkin — Target, Snake Candle — Ross
  • Round Satin Pillow — Ross
  • Bedding — Amazon



  • Tiered Tray — Felt Creative Home
  • Mugs — Thrifted, Target, Pottery Barn, Sur La Table, Kroger, Home Goods
  • Jack-o-Lantern Candy Dish — Target
  • Jack-o-Lantern Wide Mouth Jar — Target

Thanks Vincent, Grey, and Ghost!

This house tour’s responses were edited for length and clarity.