This Sleek $25 West Elm Find Will Keep Your Sink Spotless Without Taking Up Space

published Sep 26, 2023
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Tidying up your kitchen makes an enormous difference in your cooking experience. However, organizing can be painless and involve adding the simplest products to your setup. Even something as basic as a turntable in your pantry or a pan organizer in your cabinets can have an impact. Especially as we head into fall and start spending more time at home, you should start addressing your cluttered, dysfunctional kitchen now, before you find yourself whipping up tasty soups and stews every day. Starting small is an easy, yet effective way to get started!

Even the products that help with what comes after cooking — cleaning up your dishes — can make spending time in the kitchen way more enjoyable. I’m sure most of us, especially those without a dishwasher, dread that part of the process, but we all know it has to be done. We found an affordable product from West Elm that’ll keep your sponge secure, clean, and tucked away when you aren’t using it, and it’ll make washing go that much smoother.

What is the Happy Sinks Stainless Steel Magnetic Sponge Holder?

Even if you are a dishwasher owner like me, hand washing won’t be completely cut out, so a sponge is an absolute necessity. For the first couple weeks after moving into my new apartment, I kept my sponge on the counter until I knew it wasn’t going to cut it anymore — water would pool underneath it. The situation was just all-around gross until we got a sponge holder for inside the sink.

My roommate bought a cheap plastic version to solve our problem, but now I wish we’d seen this sleek, stainless steel option. In addition to keeping your sponge from falling into the sink with a secure magnet — it works in steel and metal sinks, as well as composite ones with minimal wall thickness — it looks high-end. I wish I could say that was true for my current plastic one. Plus, in addition to being visually appealing and blending into the sink, the holder’s design prevents water from collecting inside.

Credit: West Elm

Trust me that this small tool will change your kitchen for the better, keeping your sponge out of sight and clean until you need it. And for only $25? What a steal!