Here’s What ‘Harry Potter’ Characters’ Homes Would Look Like in 2019

updated Jul 27, 2019
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Let’s celebrate Harry Potter’s (and J.K. Rowling’s) birthday (he’d be 39 on July 31!) the Apartment Therapy way: by talking interior design. The wizarding world—both in book and film form—has some excellent interiors to revel over, but what if we wanted a more modern take on the places and spaces the characters we love (and love to hate) hang their pointy wizard and witch hats?

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What would Harry Potter’s house look like with a 2019 design aesthetic attached to it? Or Dumbledore’s for that matter? Enter e-design company Modsy and their most recent reimagining of fictional spaces.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, Modsy has given several Harry Potter characters interiors that could easily fit in the 2019 muggle world. From Harry’s living room to Luna’s bedroom to yes, even an office for Lord Voldemort, let’s see what the design wizards at Modsy conjured up for this modern day reimagining. 

Harry Potter

Let’s start with the man, the myth, the wizard himself: Mr. Harry Potter. Listen, if you’re going Harry Potter-inspired, you’re going red and gold and dark wood. There’s no way around it: Harry Potter is a Gryffindor through-and-through and would never tire of the combo. Some guys just can’t get over high school, you know? Modsy added some special touches for Mr. Potter’s space, including the framed photo of his parents in his office, his broom (naturally), a lamp commemorating the late Hedwig (R.I.P. and also sorry you’re a lamp now!), and even a nod to the Mirror of Erised (a dangerous thing to just have lying around the house, honestly). If you’re looking to Potter-up your home, you’ll need deep mahogany pieces, bright gold and brass finishes, and the saddest and scariest childhood imaginable. 

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Albus Dumbledore

If Albus Dumbledore lived to design a modern muggle space, Modsy’s team believes it might look something like this. The candles and floor to ceiling gallery wall definitely track. To give it that serious regal feeling that any Dumbledore-inspired room deserves, there’s gilded wallpaper. And since moving portraits only exist in the wizarding world, us muggles will have to do with mirrors, lots and lots of mirrors. In this homage to the greatest wizard who ever lived, you’ll peep the Triwizard Tournament Cup, a replica Fawkes, and the Sorting Hat himself. If you want this look for yourself, try the English Cottage aesthetic and mix traditional and modern pieces, as well as classic patterns like plaid with more ornate metal elements.

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Hermione Granger

The perfect home for Hermione Granger—or any book-loving muggle for that matter. Give me all the sliding library ladders you have! To go with all those books, Modsy gave Hermione comfy, traditional furniture—like the Pottery Barn deep seat grand sofa seen here—to flop down on after a long day of being a true queen. Her rooms, like Harry’s, get the Gryffindor color scheme, but if you’re more witch than wizard, Modsy suggests opting for a “cozy yet refined” vibe mixed with feminine touches. Pillows with S.P.E.W. emblazoned all over them don’t hurt, either.

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Ron Weasley

Let’s be honest: Hermione would never let Ron have full control over the design aesthetic of any room in their home, but for this exercise, we’ll let that slide. Though, if Ron were to pick a room to make his own, the dining room does seem like a natural choice—that dude loves to eat. The Modsy team drew inspiration from Ron’s childhood home, the Burrow, and used warm wood finishes, colorful but muted tones in the paint and furniture, open shelving, and an eclectic mix of chairs to go around the large dining room table. Ron’s game room is full of playful patterns, decor shout outs to his beloved Quidditch (BUT ABSOLUTELY NO VIKTOR KRUM POSTERS), and the most important piece: his wizard’s chessboard. 

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Luna Lovegood

Everyone’s favorite Ravenclaw usually seems lost in a daydream, so Modsy’s dreamlike take on a modern living space for Luna Lovegood feels right. To achieve this look, the Modsy team mixed playful patterns, wallpapers, and bold statement furniture with that signature Ravenclaw blue palette. Don’t miss the homage to Luna’s patronus, the hare, in those Anthropologie dining chairs. I’d like to take a nap or two on that Ms. Chesterfield sectional, even if there might be nargles flying around (thankfully Luna’s spectrespecs are just over in the bedroom in case I need to check). If you’re a Luna at heart, Modsy suggests mixing vintage and modern pieces while sticking to jewel tones and natural materials. 

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Please take one moment and imagine the Lord Voldemort, evil incarnate, spending a Saturday afternoon looking at color swatches for his office. Ah, isn’t everything better now? Voldy was nothing if not dramatic (and also evil), so his living room and office reflect that. Alongside Death Eater masks and snake motifs, there are lots of velvet pieces and furniture with bold silhouettes. For the Voldemort fans out there—hey, you do you—you, too, can have a sleek evil lair by sticking to the industrial aesthetic, keeping your colors cool, introducing lots of metal and wood finishes, and including bold, sculptural art. Also, skulls. Like, so many skulls.

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It looks like someone took their felix felicis today: All of these items and more are available to shop on the Modsy website.