Pink Furniture, Art, Headboard, and Hair… This Fun Fashion Stylist and Blogger Really Loves the Color Pink

published Jan 15, 2021

Pink Furniture, Art, Headboard, and Hair… This Fun Fashion Stylist and Blogger Really Loves the Color Pink

published Jan 15, 2021
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Name: Hayley Hughes
Location: St Kilda — Melbourne, Australia
Size: 800 square feet
Years lived in: 3 years, rented

Hayley Hughes claims to be one of the first fashion bloggers in Australia, and started her blog, Fashion Hayley, all the way back in 2006. Her blog is even archived at the National Library of Australia! Along with being a blogger, writer, and photographer, Hayley’s also a fashion stylist, and has worked with magazines such as Vice, Culture Magazine, and more.

Oh, and she REALLY loves the color pink.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: Think modern “Golden Girls,” heavily pink with lots of vintage and quirky pieces and lots and lots of art!

Inspiration: I’ve always been obsessed with interior design magazines, books, and blogs. I especially love Japanese interior magazines that showcase real homes that are lived in and a little messy but in a cute aesthetic way.  

Favorite Element: All the pink! I am obsessed with pink everything in my life is pink — my hair, my clothes, and my apartment! I definitely love my pink velvet scallop shaped bedhead the most though. It makes such a statement and brings me so much joy when I look at it, I feel like an old fashioned movie star every night when I get into bed.

Biggest Challenge: As I’m renting and it’s an older apartment it can be a bit limiting on what I can actually do. I’d love to change out the curtains and paint the walls pink but alas all I can do is add art to the walls to make it feel like home to me.

What Friends Say: You obviously like pink! 

Biggest Embarrassment: Since Covid hit I have had to change up my living room to include my working from home desk. It was a bit of a rush to get it all together and I’m not a huge fan of how it looks, but for now I am grateful to have a good job and to be safe working from home. I’ve tried my best to make it feel like it belongs in the space by adding new art above the desk and adding splashes of my signature pink as much as possible.

Proudest DIY: My pink dick sculpture that I made at a fun class called “Dickin Around” by Dear Pluto on my 35th birthday. What more could you want? Drinks, friends, and making dicks together. Was a fun night and now I have this hilarious reminder of the fun night forever. It always gets a comment from guests, too.

Biggest Indulgence: My pink sofa! I don’t entirely recommend getting a light pastel pink linen sofa if you don’t want to be constantly stressed about stains, but I love it!

Best Advice: You never know where you might find something. I was searching and searching for a pink velvet armchair that was within my budget when I suddenly got an urge to visit my local op shop (thrift store) and low and behold, there in the window was just exactly what I was looking for. I went in thinking, surely I can’t be this lucky it must be already sold or far too expensive for my budget, but no, it had just arrived and was only $30. I bought it straight away even though I had no idea how I would get it home, and as luck would have it, it was on wheels so I wheeled it all the way home over train tracks and all! So now I always have my eye out because you never know where you might find that perfect piece.



  • Pink Vase — Thrifted from an op shop
  • Dried flower bouquet — Honeybee & Blossom
  • Hand sanitizer — Artist collab between Magda Archer and Third Drawer Down
  • Shopping cart — eBay
    Starburst mirror — Target
  • Pile of masks — Covid necessity, from various makers
  • Marble key tray — Thrifted
    Framed artwork — Gift
  • Hallway stand — Thrifted table actually from IKEA originally, it folds out into a full-size dining table and is good if I ever have extra guests or a market stall and works perfectly as a hallway stand in the meantime. 


  • Pink sofa — Lounge Lovers
  • Crochet blanket on sofa — Phebe Rendulić
  • Cushions on sofa: from left to right — Pink velvet was a gift; pom pom and red circle from Arro Home; handsfrom H&M 
  • Pink rug — Arro Home (sadly no more)
  • Pink bar stools — Amart (appears they no longer sell the pink)
  • Bar cart — Temple and Webster
  • Dried flowers on bar cart — Everbloome
  • Wall hanging above bar cart — Spotlight
  • Vintage bar ware/glasses on bar cart — all collected at various op shops and vintage stores
  • TV cabinet — eBay
  • Coffee table — Kmart
  • Arch lamp — From Temple and Webster
  • Pink velvet armchair — Thrifted from an op shop for $30
  • Objects on shelf — Thrifted, from friends and local makers
  • Art on wall — Plant Lady by Sarah Walsh; Pavlova by Julie White; and Surfers Soul sisters by Tasiania Society6
  • Art on shelf — Kneeling lady – delicate balance of everyday life by Tijana Tripkovic from Society6; Unicorn a gift from my friends the Spank! Girls from Tokyo; Friendship Babes by Rachel Jo from Society6  
  • Red and white spotty blob on TV Cabinet — Yayoi Kusama toy from the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo
  • Record player — Crosley from Urban Outfitters
  • Above record player — Rainbow hanging from Bali; Ladies on top of each other print from it’s ok by Steph Angeles from Society6; Send Bobs embroidery by Phebe Rendulić
  • Record player stand/record holder — IKEA
  • Art on TV cabinet — Pink girl Living in Chaos by Alja Horvat from Society6
  • Books on TV Cabinet — Romance Was Born A Love Story with Fashion by Anna Plunkett, Cherry Bombe: The Cookbook Book by Claudia Wu and Kerry Diamond
  • Pink dick sculpture — By me! 
  • Red apple — From Tokyo


  • Dining table — Replica Furniture
  • Dining chairs — Brosa
  • Vase — Marimekko
  • Wall Hanging — Atelier Bingo
  • Standing mirror — IKEA


  • Pink shelf — IKEA
  • Pink flower glasses — IKEA
  • Retro flower mugs — Daiso
  • Salt and Pepper grinders — Mozi
  • Plastic bag vase, pink colander, pink heart shaped measuring cups — All gifts from Ebony Bizys of Hello Sandwich fame
  • Ice cream vase — Target
  • Various wall art — The most meaningful of which is the still life painting of a pink jug and vase and a bowl of yellow fruit by mum Susan Hughes who is an artist based in rural Tasmania.


  • Bed Frame — Brosa
  • Dressing table — Facebook Marketplace
  • Dressing table stool — Facebook Marketplace
  • Shoe shelf — IKEA Billy bookshelf
  • Bedside tables — Matt Blatt 
  • Bedside lamps — Oslo Home from Temple and Webster
  • Bedding set — Bed Threads
  • Flower blanket — Sage and Clare  
  • Cushions on bed from left to right — Triangle from Arro Home, Flower from H&M. Round pin cushion from Target
  • Hanging streamers — DIY I made


Thanks Hayley!

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