Help! I Can Hear My Neighbors Through the Vent!

updated Apr 30, 2019
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Q: I live in a condo with a concrete structure, so the soundproofing is pretty good. Unfortunately, I hear everything that is going on in my upstairs neighbors’ kitchen, through the range hood vent. Whenever I’m in my kitchen at the same time as they are, I turn the range on so I don’t hear them, but it is a little bit annoying and loud in the morning. I’m also wondering if they can hear me from their kitchen… Does it happen to anyone else? And did anyone find a way to reduce the noise? Thank you very much! -Sent by Isabelle

Editor: Ooh, this is like that episode of Will & Grace when they get hooked on the soap opera of their downstairs neighbors’ life through the heating vent! Readers, has this ever happen to you? And what do you recommend Isabelle do about it?

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